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Having a shit computer and needing to keep render distance on a low setting sometimes makes for interesting, foggy landscapes.


WEEE. (Death Knight bug)

N'Zoth's coming hinted (Minor Legion spoilers)

Along the years there have been many hints pointing at the coming of N'Zoth. I've collected all of these hints into a single post. This doesn't proof anything, though, but I did it just for the funzies.1) In the Blank Scroll it's stated: The Dark Portal, left unguarded, was reclaimed by the Burning Legion. Horrors rose from the sea and found no champions left to stop them. So, after the Legion invades Azeroth, which is now, the horrors, N'Zoth and the naga, will rise from the sea.2) The last time N'Zoth took his chance was during the War of the Ancients. There hasn't been a Legion invasion of that size, until now. This could very well mean that N'Zoth will attack when we are at our weakest, fighting the Burning Legion.3) Xal'atath [the shadow priest artifact] whispers: The God of the Deep writhes in his prison, breaking free ever so slowly. You should hurry and defeat the fallen titan... there are greater battles yet to fight. Another hint at N'Zoth breaking from his prison very soon. After we've defeated the fallen titan in Legion.4) It was speculated that N'Zoth's prison is actually in Thal'Dranath, the island that will come in a patch during Legion.5) Nobbel once speculated that the appearance of the next Old God has always been two expansions after it was hinted by another, in a patch. C'Thun came in a patch during Vanilla, and hinted the coming of the God of Death. Then, Yogg-Saron came in a patch during WotLK, hinting the coming of Y'Shaarj. Then, we fought Y'Shaarj (kinda) in a patch during MoP. And guess what he said? He said that we'll rest in Ny'alotha. Which is related to N'Zoth. (more from this here.) Well, Legion is not obviously old god-related, but, as with all the other times the old gods have made their appearance, N'Zoth could very well come in a patch. And since there are currently only two patches confirmed, and one is Thal'Dranath, which was already speculated to be the place where N'Zoth lies...6) BFD was updated in WoD and along with it came some speculation. The imminent arrival of destruction. Hmm, who could that be? Either Sargeras, or N'Zoth. Or why not both? Also during WoD Cho'Gall (I think?) hints that N'Zoth is coming.7) There has been speculation that Wrathion is actually connected to N'Zoth. Well, Wrathion made an appearance in the Highmountain zone in Legion but was promptly removed for an unknown reason. Could it be?8) This is just my own theory that isn't backed up by anything, really, but I believe expansions in WoW are starting to follow some kind of cycle. Basically, there are 4 expansions in a cycle. The first always has to do with an alien planet. The second involves Dalaran and a new hero class. The third is caused because of N'Zoth and has a world revamp. And the fourth is set on a strange new land with a neutral race and class. TBC and WoD were both set on Draenor, hence being the first expansions of the cycle. WotLK and Legion are the second expansions. The third expansions are Cata and the next expansion after Legion. Because N'Zoth is it's cause, it's pretty obvious that N'Zoth will be the big enemy in it. Also, if it's Great Seas as has been long speculated, it could involve a world revamp with maybe some zones being flooded. The fourth expansion is MoP.9) (edit) The Nagas and the Emerald Nightmare are in Legion, which are both corrupted* by N'Zoth. There's also a new sentient bug race in Suramar, and so far all of the old gods have come with their own bug races, so it could be created by N'Zoth as well. (edit) I also forgot to mention that Neltharion's Lair, which is where Deathwing was corrupted, is located on the Broken Isles.*better?TL;DR: N'Zoth is coming soon, in either the Thal'Dranath patch of Legion or he will have his own expansion after Legion. Or, he might appear in Thal'Dranath and lead to the next expansion, like Gul'Dan did with WoD and Legion.

TIL: Taurens are born with horns

Dev Responds to Brewmaster Feedback

This is in reference to the alpha wowforum on brewmaster feedbackI have a quick forum spoiler?: For weeks, Brewmasters have been complaining about the playstyle and viability of brewmasters. On page 1, Celestalon began to respond to that feedback, basically saying they like how it looks.The testers (and I) were very disappointed. One poster said it made him tear up a bit, and I'm going to admit: I kinda did the same. On page 2, Celestalon began to make some claims that brewmaster was quite strong (even using the word "virtually unkillable"). He tried to steer the testers to rethink how they are making decisions with the class. On page 3, responding to more outcry, he gave a bit more explanation of what makes the class strong.Following this was one of the more interesting reads I've seen. The testers go on and on about how've they've cleared 13/13 Mythic yadda yadda yadda, they know how to play their class, etc. Lots of claims that Celestalon and the dev team don't know what they're talking about or are not playing the same build...Then, on page 6 the magic happened. Celestalon actually posted an icy-veins style tutorial on how to play the spec. The fact that he did so tells me a lot about the dev team. The fact that he would ultimately be somewhat right, tells me a lot about the arrogance of some players.What it told me about the dev team: clearly, they had designed brewmaster to play a certain way. They assumed testers would figure this out...they did not. I don't necessarily blame them, but the fact remained. With so much blowback, they finally just threw up their hands and said, just tell them what to do and we won't have to redesign everything...because it works! So...they did! Also, it shows they have no problem talking down to people in somewhat rude ways...What it told me about testers: A lot of them are very good, but there is a hubris around how they treat the alpha. They see themselves as the problem fixers. They see it as: Blizz screwed up, so I'll help them fix it. They also know that things have been screwed up in the past, but didn't get fixed. The problem with this mentality (and you can see it with the streamers) is that they don't have an open-mind towards design changes. This is a problem because design change is a pretty big part of every expansion. It's also a problem because it reveals a breakdown of trust between the elite player community and the developers, which is and has been harmful for the health of the game.To finish the story, pages 6-11 had about four different posts. There was the 'how dare you tell us how to play posts.' There was the 'ok tried it, it doesn't work.' There was the 'o....this does work, but there was no way we would have guessed it.' Finally, there was the '(glosses over that this works) here's a bunch of other problems, the biggest of which is the whole orbs thing.'Finally, on page 12, the team made their response. They agreed some of it was not intuitive (but now that they explained it, they knew people would easily disseminate the info) and announced key changes to the orbs and reintroduced expel harm. These were both changes called on several times during feedback.I bring this up with some takeaways in mind: -Despite how you feel, the dev team does read the feedback. They may disagree with it, and they could be wrong, but they do read it.-The dev team gets frustrated when players don't see things the way they do and hopes that time will bring people around. So immediate responses are not always the most appropriate...I guess...not sure why they couldn't have just said this all in the class preview.-Testers should have a little more faith in the dev team. I can understand why they wouldn't, but before explaining something is wrong, make sure it is wrong.-Communication from the dev team is absolutely essential. When testers are unified in their opinion, there needs to be a response. Even if the dev team is wrong, they need to communicate what they're thinking and what they're trying to do. Perhaps, they could do this in a less insulting manner than Cestelon did and they need not go into as much depth as the guide he provided, but the fact;dr Devs told testers what to do and then listened to the community...lessons learned?

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Turns out my 2's partner was someone I knew in real life. What are the odds?

I've always thought this was insane so I finally decided to share it. I used to play World of Warcraft religiously and I was part of a 2v2 arena team. It was was me a mage, a resto druid and a warlock I think. Played quite a few games with the Druid. We did okay but never anything remarkable.. Anyway one day In HS ( this is years back now) during computer class we got done early. And the teacher let us cruise the web for the remainder of class. at some point she asked me back to her desk at the back Of the room. As I walked to her desk I noticed a dude looking at a WoW armory page for a character. I stopped and turned around and looked at this screen. I literally couldn't fucking believe it.. He was the Druid from my 2's team.... What are the odds right. Always thought it was so insane.



The Current and Seemingly Final State of Warriors in Legion

With the recent post in the Arms Class Feedback forums by Celestalon:Posted by Celestalon We've heard the feedback, and are happy with how Arms (and Fury) are playing right now, with yet-to-come tuning in mind. Talents make up a huge part of that, and we're seeing them satisfy their role quite well. Upcoming changes to Arms/Fury will be primarily tuning.I felt it is necessary to inform players of the current state of Fury and Arms in a consolidated manner since as per Celestalon, this is how the specs will ship - warts and all. Most testers from top guilds have been pointing out flaws in both specs for months, and the above response is the equivalent to a slap in the face for them.It's easy to get lost in the new abilities and flashy animations that are coming in legion, and not clearly see problematic design flaws that will make their way known a few weeks into the expansion/prepatch when players see beyond the makeup. After WoD Arms, the feedback then, and looking at the feedback now, the cycle is apparently about to repeat itself. So let's talk about core Arms for a second, then we'll get to Fury.(I started writing this post before the class feedback thread came up, but even so, I think this deserves its own post due to Celestalon stating openly that both Fury and Arms are finished specs in their eyes, and at this point, providing feedback is mostly a moot point. This post in mainly to inform the community of the design flaws in both spec's core rotations and hopefully get enough attention so that these flaws are fixed before Legion launch)ArmsThe largest complaint so far has been the repetitive usage of Slam, both the main filler, and enabler of the spec. The passive Tactician makes it so Slam, Whirlwind, and Execute have a 15% chance to proc Colossus Smash. 15% is extremely low, a player in the last feedback thread posted a visual guide on the probability of resetting CS: - If WoD Arms gave you nightmares about Whirlwind spam, Legion Slam might actually be worse.CS isn't meant to be a 100% uptime buff, we know this, so having a significantly higher chance to proc it, really isn't the main problem, it's the question "Why press anything other than slam". This is especially problematic when you choose to talent into Overpower or rend which cost rage and a GCD and have 0% chance to proc CS, and since you can't save charges of Overpower anymore, it's not worth putting off til a CS window. Not only that, but when you enter execute phase, you are still fishing for CS resets with Slam, because Slam has a rage cost of 15, and execute has a rage cost of (up to) 40, yet both have the exact same chance to proc CS. One of the suggestions to combat this was to make tactician give a % chance to reset CS per rage spent.Moving on to Colossus Smash specifically, it has a 45 second CD, and if you're unaware, was reworked so that the target takes your % Mastery extra damage for 8 seconds instead of ignoring armor. A big concern with players is the lack of bad RNG protection, aka going the full 45 seconds or even close to that without getting a reset. The RNG between pulls or in a PvP environment is far too high. Some players suggested reducing the CD to around 20 seconds, so that not proccing CS doesn't feel so bad, and makes your damage cycles more predictable. Nothing is worse than sitting on cds for ages and waiting for a CS proc. Also, this is mainly a PvP thing, but also occurs in PvE, where your CS gets dodged or parried and you end up being locked out of a large part of your damage because of it.To make a sort of conclusion, the spec is best described as boring, there is no interaction between abilities, you simply press slam to advance the rotation to CS phases, get a few Mortal Strikes in, and then go back to the grind of proccing CS again. There's nothing dynamic or fun about the spec, the skill ceiling and floor are nearly identical - some of the best feelings I get while playing a class is when I make a mistake and realize I could have done something different to maximize dps. There's currently none of that in Legion Arms, you're either pressing slam, or you're doing it wrong. You can technically play in execute phase without pressing slam, but it requires spamming low rage cost executes, but hitting execute with more than 15 rage is just a wasted opportunity and you would have been better off pressing slam. When you're spamming low rage cost executes, you're not able to pool rage for the next CS phase either, the "fantasy" and gameplay elements don't seem to line up very well. Finally, talented abilities actively work against the core concept of the player advancing the dps rotation by proccing CS, the wasted opportunity just feels bad, especially when you can regularly go 5+ slams in a row without getting a reset. To be honest, Arms almost needs another ability, preferably a proc like overpower baseline to make the spec more dynamic, because otherwise it goes way beyond just easy, it's just mind numbingly boring.In a perfect world, Tactician would be changed to a % chance per rage spent to reset CS, the CD on CS would be reduced to 20-25 seconds, Mortal Strike would generate rage sub 20%(In for the Kill baseline), and Overpower would be made baseline, and return to the stacking charge system so you can pool charges for CS. These changes would considerably smooth out and make the rotation actually engaging to play.To post some bugs(?) that have been reported for quite a while now and haven't even been addressed, Sweeping Strikes has a ridiculously small cleave range, and execute will not cleave onto targets that are above 20%FuryEasily the largest complaints about fury fall around the new Furious Slash ability, which buffs the crit chance of Bloodthirst(Which no longer has a base crit modifier) by 15% per usage, to put that into perspective, Bloodthirst on Live has a +40% crit modifier. As a filler ability, it's be nice to keep the spec GCD locked and feeling "furious"(Despite reusing the annoying Wild Strike sound effect). The problem arises when you enter the execute phase, or an AoE situation where Furious Slash gets shoehorned in so that you are reliably enraged throughout those phases. Previously Whirlwind also gave bonus crit on Bloodthirst stacks, although that was removed for some unknown reason. Furious Slash will end up being used less and less as gear levels progress, which makes tying a talent like Frenzy to it seem questionable at best, again shoehorning Furious Slash into the rotation despite wanting to press more satisfying abilities, especially raging blow which is only available while enraged. To tack something on quickly, while Furious Slash and Wild Strike have the same sound, Furious Slash encompasses a full global, and not a half global like current Wild Strike.Speaking specifically about Execute for a moment, the spec plays significantly better with the Massacre talent, which makes execute crits proc a free rampage. This considerably increases enrage uptime during execute phase, fills globals while you build rage for execute, and give the artifact trait Odyn's Champion procs during execute phase, where it would not normally be present. Players have been asking for this to be baseline, because otherwise the execute phase could just be considered clunky. I'm not usually down to call for talents to be baseline, but in this case, it's almost necessary to make the spec play smoothly. I think the worst part about Massacre being a talent, is that it competes with Bladestorm, which means we're forced to suffer through a clunky execute phase on AoE fights.Warriors are known for Bladestorm, yet there's a core problem with it's current iteration. With Enrage only lasting 4 seconds, it will never last the entirety of Bladestorm which lasts 6 seconds, our mastery is basically null for around half of Bladestorm. Keep in mind, if you activate enrage with Bloodthirst, you only realistically get 2.5-3 seconds of enrage because of the GCD. The only way to get a full 4 seconds of enrage is to talent into Outburst, which is Live Berserker Rage on a 1 min CD and Competes with Avatar and Wrecking Ball.One of the big things mentioned at Blizzcon this year what that Whirlwind was getting a QoL update where it would cause Raging Blow(Now Bloodthirst) to cleave for the next X seconds, instead of being on next ability press, yet it was removed inexplicably several builds ago and returned to the "On next ability" iteration.Again drawing a conclusion, Fury is almost the opposite to arms, there is so much conflict on what buttons to actively push that it just makes the spec feel cluttered to play. As some testers have put it, the spec feels fantastic if you ignore optimizing enrage uptime (Basically using Furious Slash as filler only to keep the spec GCD locked), but obviously that won't be the best or optimal way to play Fury since our enrage damage bonus is such a large part of our damage. The question is, where does Furious Slash fit into the rotation? Am I intended to fill globals while enraged with it so that I can keep up the "streak", or is it intended to simply be a filler ability that feels far too mandatory to press?In a once again perfect world, Bloodthirst would return to having a base crit modifier(30-40%), and Furious Slash would be changed to do something like have a chance to reset Bloodthirst. Meat Cleaver/Grinder would be changed back to "Cleaving for the next X seconds" type ability instead of "On next hit". Massacre would be made baseline to clean up the execute rotation and allow Odyn's Champion procs to persist through execute phase. Bladestorm would always do damage as if enraged. Finally, Frenzy would be changed to stack off of Bloodthirst instead of Furious Slash.To post some bugs(?) that have been reported for quite a while now and haven't even been addressed, Berserker Rage gives the mastery damage increase even without Outburst talented, but not the 30% extra damage taken or attack speed buff.Overall Whew, this was honestly longer than I wanted it to be, but myself and many other Warriors disagree that the spec is in a "Good spot" right now according to Celestalon, and I honestly could go on for another 2-3 posts this size talking specifically about the talents and artifacts for both specs, and why some of them frankly just don't work very well mechanically. I didn't really touch on a lot of problematic talents because I'm going to take Celestalon's word for now and assume that once tuning phase rolls around, they will realize that some talents can't simply be adjusted numerically, and realistically can't compete with other talents in their row due to the mechanical limitations. I also ended up skipping a lot of things that weren't related to the core rotation, like self healing and defensives, because it's difficult to see what exactly balance is, since many other specs are losing so many defensives as well. If anyone is still reading at this point, I'd like to thank you for sticking around this long, and hope that we can avert another WoD and having my favorite class launch with so many glaring problems that realistically can be fixed quite easily.Notable ThreadsValermos posted in the General Discussion Forums and has an active thread discussing the lack of response to glaring problems. You can also find links to all the recent feedback threads in the Legion Class Feedback Forum on his post.

Exploration of the scrapped leveling zone of Azjol-Nerub and its evolution

My Completed Signed WoW Collectors Edition Collection, All Expansions

A long time from now, I imagine some hunter will walk up to Sargeras, the most powerful being in the universe and just alt tabs while he spams mend pet as his companion solo's him.

Waiting for new content

I uh, I really like my paladin

World of Warcraft on Twitter: "We're really excited for the #WarcraftMovie.

(Legion Spoiler!) Hidden artifact effect - Windwalker Monk

As previously mentioned in this post ( there are hidden artifact effects for several classes. Basically, if you fall just a little bit further than the height of your jumps, you will release a shockwave around you: Gif 1: ShockwaveHowever, if there are enemies around you, you will knock them back (without cooldown!): Gif 2: KnockbackWithout my artifact equipped the effect didn't occur.

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Applebough [Treant Fruit Vendor in Dalaran] notices G'hanir [Resto Druid Artifact] and tosses you a fresh apple!

Artifacts may apparently have hidden effects

[Cosplay] Warsong Commander by BlackOwlStudio

I made a murloc!

New resto druid flavour? Standing in spot appears produces to create leaves in Legion.

WoW responds to FFXiV new patch name on twitter... LoL is shocked

Nostalrius team to meet Blizzard this weekend - announcement coming this weekend

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My GM fell for it..


[Cosplay] Vanessa VanCleef by Svetlana Quindt (Kamui)

Duskwood recreated in Unreal 4

I, too bought a plain letter from the Auction House... This time, for 200 gold.

VFX of Durotan step by step

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Well meme'd, Blizzard

Some days are better than others!

Our tank disconnected midfight, and he can't log in while we wiped... the boss has berserked and can not kill the disconnected tank. Send help

Best news I saw on the patchnotes.

Preach - The Legacy of the Mage

Watcher talks a bit about Pathfinder in Legion

Does anyone else feel that they like the individual races on the Horde side better, but the "theme" and feel of the Alliance side better?

I'm really struggling to decide what race I wanna level with first in Legion, and herein lies my trouble. On the alliance side I only really play dwarves, humans, and night elves, and even the races kind of are"boring" in the sense that they're very typical high-fantasy. But on the horde I feel like the Trolls, Tauren, Forsaken, Blood elves(to an extent) are so unique(even if they are based on real world stereotypes).Yet whenever I play a horde race I miss that "fantasy" feel I get from the alliance. The alliance WoD experience is world's above Horde IMO, and I just think the architecture is a lot cooler than the Orc spikes horde have had the past 3 expansions. I wish there was a way to play Horde races on Alliance.

[SPOILERS] Pre-Legion event reminiscent of Scourge Invasion

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*Spoilers* The Park is Back!

Ji-Kun vs Al'ar

List of Legion features and its end game.

Since I noticed that a lot of people don't know what Legion offers or they don't understand it well enough, I decided to put its content in this thread and explain it. And yes, I know some of it is content that we get in every expansion, but it's still a part of Legion.-RAIDS: Nothing new here, we get 2 raids (Nighthold and Emerald Nightmare) at launch and around 6 world bosses-DUNGEONS: Nothing new here either, 10 new dungeons at launch, one being reused from WOTLK (Violet Hold)-WORLD QUESTS: Unlocked when reaching level 110, world quests appear on your minimap all over the Broken Isles and might give some of the following rewards: gear, money, order hall resources, follower equipment, mounts, pets, crafting reagents and much more. Keep in mind that some of the tougher and challenging world quests can reward high end raiding gear. Currently in Alpha there are more than 300 of them. More about them here-MYTHIC+ DUNGEONS: Basically it's an increased difficulty of mythic dungeons with a lot of customization to it. You can decide how much you want to increase the HP and damage of the enemies and add special "flavor" to it like making Tank generate less threat and having more adds in the dungeon. More about it here-PRESTIGE PVP SYSTEM: Legion adds pvp talents which you have to unlock by doing pvp related activities. Prestige system allows you, when having unlocked all the talents, to reset them and earn them again. By doing so you can earn various rewards like cosmetic gear and special mounts. More about it here-ARENAS: 2 new arenas are planned for Legion-SURAMAR: Level 110 only zone that focuses on storytelling rather than gear rewards. According to Blizzard, they wanted to make a zone that rewards you with fun and story and nothing more. It's is worth noting that other zones will reward you with level 110 gear and other things as they scale to your level. More about it in this video-PROFESSIONS REVAMP: Recipes are gathered from the world and have multiple ranks. Gathering professions also have multiple ranks which can increase the amount of stuff you find and giving you a chance to find some rare stuff, depending on the rank. Tons of profession quests added that can reward recipes and other stuff. More about it here-ARTIFACT WEAPONS: Weapons that you'll be using for the entire expansion. Each spec has its own artifact weapon with 5 unique models and each model having 4 color variations. Models and color variations are unlocked by doing various content. They have its own talent tree which is unlocked by doing content. Currently it takes around 2-3 months to cap your artifact weapon, but keep in mind that a capped artifact weapon is an equivalent of a high end raiding weapon. There will be catch up mechanics for offspecs and alts. And yes, they can be tmog-ed. More about it here-CLASS ORDER HALLS: Place where players of both factions of the same class can hang-out and do their class hall campaigns in Broken Isles. They can upgrade their Artifact weapons there and unlock relic slots of their artifact weapons using order hall resources which are ONLY attainable by doing world content. There are also used to upgrade you class hall giving you some benefits like ability to finish one world quest (usually there are 5-10 world quests available in each zone at given time) instantly and ability to reduce mission times by a certain percentile. Keep in mind that it will take a lot of time to get these upgrades as they're very costly and order hall resources aren't abundant-NEW ANIMATIONS: Self-explanatory. Thank you /u/tomahawktanger-NEW TRANSMOGRIFICATION SYSTEM: Basically saves your transmog items so you can access them anytime on any server. You can sell them after learning them. More about it here . Thank you /u/smashboltEDIT: added some of the stuff that I missed

A list of items that need to be made cosmetic

Warcraft Movie: BTS - Dwarven Gun

WoW Baby Born!

I met my future wife in Grizzly Hills in Jan 2009. Met in person in Dec 2010 at our guild meet and our platonic relationship bloomed into romance. Married 2012, and this Monday, our baby was born.Interesting part - the night nurse the day he was born told us to go by her nickname... which is my wife's character's name.