Beware: Black Temple Timewalking Bug - If any group member has any lockout at all, your raid will not be able to enter the instance. You are also unable to bring fresh players into your group if you have a lockout, and cannot relist your group from inside.

Please read updates below. It is a known issue and NOT working as intended.At the moment, every single group member needs a fresh lockout to queue via the NPC.If you are in a group that falls apart and try to join a new group, that group will be unable to queue through the NPC. It will simply say: Requirements Not Met. So at the moment, your group needs to do the entire raid in one go or you're screwed.You are also unable to relist the group if members leave.Apparently it was this way on the PTR as well? How did this go live?Before anyone says "hurr hurr this is how it was back in BC, you wanted nostalgia right?!" Not true. You could bring fresh players into your lockout.Update - Acknowledgement on the forums, no word of an incoming fix yet: #2 - GM ResponseI understand that you were in a group for the Black Temple Timewalking, defeated one boss, and now you are unable to join another raid group to finish this up. I am very sorry to hear that this is happening to your character as I know this is a very limited event.After We have received a few other reports that players are unable to join another raid group if theirs fails to finish. I have add added the details that you have provided to the report that we have going on about this. Sadly, Customer Support does not have a fix for this and we also urge you to report this in game through the help menu. If anyone else is also experiencing this, please have the do the same.Update #3 - GM Response 2Thank you for contacting me. This is Game Master Uridetz, I am here to assist with your ticket. Sorry for the time it took me to unearth myself. Dirt can be heavier than it looks :D.I can indeed confirm this is not working as intended and a fix is in the works for it. However we do not have an official time or date for the fix yet. Hopefully it will be soon.Hope you have an awesome day! Thanks again for contacting me. :)Update #4 - Forum update 2: