Blizzard, can you please make First Aid relevant for once?

I have been max level first aid since March, and first aid stop being relevant a lot sooner than that into the expansion. To this day I keep getting first aid quests with rewards that so bad it's insulting.Not to mention the fact that the healing that bandages give is completely inconsequential. The highest level bandage gives my tank hardly 8% of his life back over 8 seconds. If I ever find myself in a dire situation where bandaging is my only option, then chances are I won't even get the whole cast off.This profession became archaic long before this expansion, and seriously needs some re-thinking. I'm sure the idea of making bandages % based has been tossed around before, but why not make the healing from them both static and percentage based? Right now in Legion there are 3 different bandages you can learn. The lowest giving 371k healing, and the highest giving a measly 583k. Keep the first couple of bandage ranks a set number so lower geared players benefit, but make the final level bandage a % of total health, so bandages are still relevant past hitting max level.