Net Neutrality Day of Action - Be Heard.

We're all here because gaming is a hobby for us, one we love and use to escape from petty politics. Unfortunately petty politics is rearing its ugly head to try and fuck over our hobby. This isn't a partisan issue - this is not about who you voted for. This is about keeping the Internet open and free to all, so Joe Random's ToS Boss Fight breakdown is on equal footing with WoWHead's guides.What is Net Neutrality?It's the basic principle that all Internet traffic should be treated equally.Network neutrality is the idea that your cellular, cable, or phone internet connection should treat all websites and services the same. Carrier companies want to treat them differently so they can charge consumers and businesses more for priority access. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is currently debating legislation to define limits for internet service providers (ISPs). The hope is that they will keep the internet open and prevent companies from discriminating against different kinds of websites and services.Why should I care?A free and open internet is the single greatest technology of our time, and control should not be at the mercy of corporations.A free and open internet stimulates ISP competition.A free and open internet promotes the spread of ideas.A free and open internet helps prevent unfair pricing practices.Without an open internet, corporations would have tight control over how we access websites and services. Love playing on Better hope Blizz is ready to pay for priority access so your game doesn't lag, and hope the traffic doesn't get out prioritized by Steam, PSN, XBoxLive, etc.Major internet companies like Amazon, Etsy, Twitter, and Netflix have all joined the fight to help save Net Neutrality. The FCC is deciding this issue the way big cable and ISPs want it to, so it’s on us as citizens to tell them—and our representatives in the Senate and House—how important the open internet is to our economy, our society, and especially for when we’re bored at work.What can I do?Join the conversation, comment on the Reddit post so when they visit DC your voice can be heard and, most importantly, contact the FCC to let them know why you care about protecting the open internet.