So my paladin is unable to get chain of thrayn legendary. Blizz support sends me rng copypasta still and still. Halp

So a few days ago there was a post about a shadow priest guy that couldn't get his shoulder legendary (he got them in the end) but here's my story that I also wrote in the comments there. 120 days played on 110 lvl, months of broken shore chests farming, doing all the raids/mythic0/emissaries since legion start and I still cannot obtain my last Retribution paladin legendary.... that's the chain of thrayn. My drop from like 3 minutes ago ( made me to post this here. Im still in retribution spec but I get other spec legendaries.... Already got Velen trinket and Prot paladin ring. Wrote some tickets ( ,, and they are like always RNG is RNG and we cannot do anything. Live chat also was not helpfull in any means beacuse of "hurr we don't have any in game powers" I did always told them that my character is bugged/glitched or something but it's always like "your character is clearly ok and we can't see any problems with it" It wouldn't bother me if that particular legendary wasn't the "best in slot" one for last and this tier of raiding and Im always going for the best perf as I can get. My friend's comment about my "luck"Shadow priest shoulders problem guy post - all my legendaries to this day except velen trinket (screenshot from like 3-4 days ago) Sorry for "autism". I know that all the "xD" things are childish. Wrote a serious ticket...OK SO NEWS GUYS NEEEEEEEEWS A GM wrote to me and he said Thanks for every1 that bumped my thread and for all the support from my friends. Just thank you