[SPOILER] A closer look at the Chronicle contradiction

A repost from the WoW forums[SPOILERS FOR UNRELEASED CONTENT AHEAD]Earlier, Reignac posted this thread on the WoW forums identifying a contradiction. He didn't, however, directly quote either of the sources he was using to come to this conclusion, so I have.The tl;dr is: Turalyion seems to suggest that the world soul of Argus is what allows the Legion to only die if they're killed in the Nether. Chronicle, however, shows that demons had this ability even before Sargeras was corrupted. Here's the problematic dialogue:Turalyon says: A titan... the Legion must have harnessed the power of its soul to regenerate its armies in the Nether! If we can destroy it, the infinite army...(Here's a screenshot of the dialogue ingame)Here's the contradicted line from Chronicle:To Sargeras’s dismay, he realized that he had fought many of these demons before. After he had defeated them in the physical universe, their spirits had simply returned to the Twisting Nether. Eventually they had been reborn in new bodies.This does look pretty bad - either we're misinterpreting what Turalyon says (and he seems pretty clear) or he's an unreliable narrator - which is possible, but he didn't jump to that conclusion very organically, he just says 'A titan eh? Well it must be THIS!' which seems to indicate that this is what Blizzard wants him to communicate as a means of exposition.I hope they fix this retcon in the patch, which is still, for all intents and purposes, in development, rather than retconning the Chronicle book, which is physically printed and unable to be changed.