The back equipment slot has to be the worst used slot for visuals

In any MMO nowadays, you get some pretty sweet options for character customization, and WoW definitely has a lot in the apparel department, but if there is one thing that bugs me about this equipment slot, it has to be that it's wasted on cloaks.Currently we have one item in the game that fits into the back slot and isn't a cloak, and ironically, that is The Emperor's New Cape, which, if you haven't leveled through the 50s before, doesn't have a model. Every single other back item in the game is a cloak, cape, shroud, whatever you wanna call it.Why? Where are the backpacks, the wings, where is anything innovative and actually cool instead of boring retextures of existing items? All kinds of class specific stuff could be put onto the back of your character, like quivers for hunters, tress growing out for druids, giant flags for warriors, etc. But instead we get cloaks, cloaks, cloaks.