There once lived an Orc named Gug on maelstrom, The hordes biggest hero to those that knew him.

I got nostalgic today and remembered my days on maelstrom during vanilla and TBC.There was an Orc Warrior named Gug on the server who was in RP mode 100% of the time.He had a huge fan base which led to him leading the the biggest world pvp guild on the server called Horde Strike Force which was full of not the best but most heart filled players you could imagine.No matter who you were or what you were doing, if you saw alliance all you had to do was message someone from horde strike force and Gug would show up with a posse and fight them.Gug would only play protection warrior and kill alliance. It was all he did. He was not the best but by far the most true blooded horde I had ever known.There were rumours of him speaking in character on Vent.I wonder what happened to that guy sometimes.