ToS Mythic Reclear Updates | Method vs Exorsus

So I did this thread for the Nighthold "reclears" of mythic Progression and it was pretty well received as it's not clear to all people how far the Top guilds have gotten on reclears. Here are the two Top Guilds atm:Method: Heroic splits done, currently 7/9M recleared (1h ago - 2 am CET)extra Info: Lots of Rogues getting Mythic achievments for rekills, it seems like they are gearing them for Avatar rekill.Exorsus: doing Heroic splits atm, at least 7/9M recleared (1h ago - 20 pm CET)extra Info: 1 Hunter got all new mythic achievments, nothing else particularly interesting.Limit: heroic splits done, at least 5/9M recleared (14h ago - 2am CET)extra info: Seems like they are equipping rogues similar to the method strat for Avatar.Easy: Heroic splits done, at least 5/9M recleared (7h ago - 9am CET)extra info: Similar strat to Method, equipping a lot of rogues for Avatar (4 rogues - 1 more than Method/Limit)I take my Info from the guilds Armory pages, where you can see people getting the mythic achievements. If you have any updates or think I am missing an important guilds, hit me up. I will regularly update the post myself.Edit: formatting