Update: The Treatment of Small Characters (Legion Spoilers)

http://ift.tt/1siCmkU few months ago I made a thread about Watcher Ladimore and her involvement in the Assassination Rogue Artifact quest. ( http://ift.tt/25pr3FN )I didn't expect much to come of it, to be quite honest, but I pushed it anyway. I made a post on the story forums, the general forums and here and tweeted out to Fargo, asking blizzard to reconsider her involvement in the cult.However, to my great surprise and massive pleasure, they did change it! They are listening to feedback, even if it doesn't seem like they are. Trust me, I get it, I'm a cynic at heart, but this is something small that's broke a lot of the ice over my heart about the expansion.They care, guys. If you see a small story thing you don't like, speak up about it! Maybe it's something they overlooked, and they actually agree with you.Thanks Blizzard.