WarcraftLFG is out of beta. Looking for a guild or new members? We got you covered.

Lok'Tar Ogar! Legion will soon be upon us and we worked hard to help you be prepared for it. Today Warcraftlfg is out of beta, with the addition of a few new features that were highly requested. Warcraftlfg is a website allowing you to find a guild or more players by aggregating data from multiple sources. Our goal is to provide you with meaningful information to help your search. Our main features so far:A robust set of filters for allSecured authentication to Blizzard Battle.Net APIAggregated Data from Warcraftlogs and WoWProgressGuild permission: By default only the guild leader and officers can now edit your guild. We also smashed most bugs and added a few new features with our official release:Chat: Easily contact a player/guild through our site as long as they are registered on our website. No need to share your BattleTag anymore.Localization: Warcraftlfg is now fully translated in French. Would you like to help us translate the site to your language ? Head to Github and translate our locale file for us. We'll get it implemented asap.Email reminder: Remember that we only want to show current, up to date and fresh recruitment post on our website. Which is why we purge all Guild recruitment older than 4 months and all character recruitment older than 30 days. You can now opt in to receive an email reminding you to update your ad if you want to keep it active. But that's not all, we're still working on a few new features:A tag system, allowing you to customize further your search. (So you can tag your guild as a RP, or PvP or Gnome only. Your choice, we won't judge.)Email Notification: Your guild is looking for a Blood DK with an ilvl 666. As soon as a new one is added to the site, you'll get an email. And finally because some of you asked for it, we've added a way for you to support us maintaining our servers cost. You'll find more info on the website. But currently, your biggest support would be to keep sharing and using the website. <3 See you all in Legion!-Warcraftlfg