A cry for help from the Brazillian Community!

Greetings to the Reddit community and the World of Warcraft International Community!My name is Duarte, also known as ShieldSlam. I have a YouTube channel and I occasionally write articles for one of the biggest World of Warcraft fansites in Brazil - Coja no WoW!I come to you in the need of help, since we're running out of options to try and solve an issue that has been around for nearly a year now!On the 2nd of May 2016, a blue post was made by Community Manager Lorielyth (http://ift.tt/2kBqYAN), mentioning that both the Tol Barad and Nemesis servers would go into the list of servers that would use the new tecnology presented on the 5th of August 2015 on the following official post (http://ift.tt/2kBjLww).With the promise for it to happen on the 3rd of May 2016, the Tol Barad players were thrilled, since this is the least populated server in Brasil. These players go through DAILY problems to find people to play with, manage a healthy AH balance, form raid groups or even groups in general! All this would have been solved with the new Connected Realms tecnology. Alas, the merge did not happen and the news brought an opposite effect than what the merge would have.Many players were happy with the post and even went as far as thanking the company for the merging, since they would finally be able to be on par with other, more populated servers.On the 3rd of May everyone believed the realms were connected, and on the 4th there was a new blue post in which Lorielyth confirmed the realms were indeed connected (http://ift.tt/2kBz2BK).But the players haven't seen any changes. In fact, nothing that was described was actually happening with those servers.Players have began reporting non-stop connection problems and on the 5th of May a new post was made by the Community Manager thanking the feedback and letting us know that the team was looking into it. Lorielyth stated that the connection between realms is a sort of "over-time" process and it wouldn't happen all at once, even after 48 hours. http://ift.tt/2kbnrIW the 7th of May, again the CM insisted that the connection had indeed happened, that there was no error and that the feedback from players was of extreme importance so that they would be able to continuosly investigating the problem. Lastly, she thanked the players for their patience. http://ift.tt/2ktB4jT wasn't until the 10th of May that a problem was found and the ralization that the realms were not in fact connected. Even though Blizzard made no official confirmation of it, the Community Manager did make a new post stating that they had no news about the realm connection, but that they were looking into it. http://ift.tt/2kbjfsw the same 10th of May, Lorielyth made a new post saying that she was increasing the maximum number of posts a topic could have, so that the feedback would continue. She was again thankful for the patience the players were demonstrating.On the 11th, the CM confirms that the enngineers did make the connection between realms. And that from that moment on, an investigation was going to be made by them to reach a conclusion as to why players were not feeling the effects of connected realms. http://ift.tt/2ktNiJs the 17th of May she confirmed again that the connection would happen and that there were no news at this point, again thanking the community for their patience. http://ift.tt/2kbrvsz the 23rd of May, the same thing. http://ift.tt/2ktILq9 the 26th, a light at the end of the tunnel started to appear. The CM confirms that the engineers have found an error in the realm connection and that they would begin working in order to solve the problem asap. In the meantime, the servers would work as crossrealm servers. http://ift.tt/2kbjZy4 this moment on, players have felt "abandonment" from the company. Not from the Community Manager who was constantly listening and attempting to help these players, but from the company that began increasing the time between official answers.On the 10th of June, again Lorielyth has made a post about the problem. This time as an answer from the Brazillian Community Managment team, stating that they are available, fighting and insisting to get an answer from the engineering team. She states that she understands the problems the players are going through with loew realm population and how it affects their gaming experience. At the end of the text the CM makes it clear that there won't be an immediate solution for the problem. http://ift.tt/2ktOvAo there have been other messages between the 10th of June and the 21st of September, nothing was satisfactory. On the 21st the CM does post about it stating that the company was going to wait for the release of Legion to analize the population levels of the realms in order to connect them properly. http://ift.tt/2kbfT8N this moment the community started fading again from these realms. The promissed connection would only happen according to the release of Legion. This is just not right. We (the community) find that the company has a serious communication problem in regards to this problem. We are fighting for an answer, good or bad. And we just want what was promissed to us.On the 22nd of December a new message was posted stating that there were still no news about the problem and that again Lorielyth was increasing the maximum number of posts inside a topic so that we could continuously fight for our rights. http://ift.tt/2ktGJXc this was the last official contact by the company. The topic has now over 95 pages and over 1800 posts. Today is the 27th of January and we still haven't received an answer. We continue to post in the topic because we hope for an official statement from Blizzard.We know our players are considered toxic by many. We know we are famous for our "HUE" laugh.Still, there are many content generators such as myself and the fansite I write for who constantly fight for a less toxic and more harmonious community. Rest assured that efforts are being made daily to eliminate the toxicity of our community.We have no one to go to. Hence why I come to you - the international community. We hope for what was promissed to us, or an official answer from Blizzard Entertainment. The solution for many is a character transfer, but the fee for a service like that, when in comparison to the wages in Brazil, equals the same as if you had to pay x3 the transfer fee. Imagine yourself having to pay $75 for a realm change. Furthermore, transfering the character does not solve the server problem itself, only the player's.Again I ask for empathy above all else. Playing on this server is getting inconsistent. Soon, the few players in it will either stop playing or leave. We, like you, love World of Warcraft and want to keep playing.Please help us by sharing/participating on this topic, so that we may achieve an official answer from Blizzard regarding the solution for the problem.Shield SlamCoja no WoW