Druid 7.2 Animation Changes (Efflorescence)

Hey everyone! Here I am showing the changes to Efflorescence in 7.2 which is on the PTR right now.Personally, I dislike all aspects of it and don't believe it to be a good change. Yes, it looks prettier, but simple is what makes something good at times.Here's a link showing 7.2 vs the 7.1.5 (live) effectPros to the new animation:It looks different, and may be more appealing visually to some.Cons to the new animation:People will not be familiar with it, and will avoid it even more than they do currently.The aura inside of it looks like a goo or poison effect. This will make people run out of it.The broken up lines surrounding the area of effect are thin and hard to see. It's more difficult to know whether you're inside or out of the circle.There's no magic mushroom in the center :(Sometimes something simple makes a lot more sense...What are your thoughts?Edit: New link shows different terrain variations and visibility.