Playing a Warlock feels like playing a dime store whore and I love it.

I've recently switched from being a Holy/Disc Priest to a Warlock because I was getting apathetic towards healing and my Warlock was always close to my heart.After gearing it up a bit with some friends I started trying to get into pug raids (Normal Nighthold mostly) at 855ish ilvl, and surprisingly keep getting invited to groups that have way higher requirements simply because I can summon people.And it's fucking amazing.I get carried only because I have a portal that saves the raid 5 minutes, and treated like a king because of it. I have a grasp on how being a woman feels getting free drinks at a bar because she has a nice chest.I know a lot of the Warlock community is upset with how the class is right now, and rightfully so in some regards, but remain steadfast.We are portal whores, and we are proud.