Method/Serenity World First Race situation: What we know

What happened:Serenity was locked out of their M NH raid by Jadelolz and a friend (not associated with either guild). They accomplished this by inviting a Serenity raider to group, then zoning into NH to snag the lock out. When Serenity tried to enter, they kept being booted because their lockout was already in use.Jadelolz has since been removed from Method.This has been confirmed by Method Community rep Darrie.Here's all the information we have so far:Serenity tweets responses infoLooks like Treckie leaked the slack shot: from Treckie: doesn't have access to Method's slack, just "spread something that was already public."To clear up some confusion:This screenshot is confirmed real: screenshot is confirmed fake: you have more information, let me know and I'll add it here.