Asmongold: "There are a lot of retards that play tanks. It's the easist role in the game. You die its the healers fault, you lose aggro it's the DPS' fault. Then you get praised after the kill. It's a good gig they got going"

This is interesting because as someone whose played all three roles.. I actually agree. I think it goes Healer, DPS, Tank in terms of difficulty. DPS being 2nd might be controversial, but I dont think it really is. If a tank has to compete with 4 other tanks to take his spot out there, and a DPS has to deal with 10,000 DPS that can take their spot, the pressure is really on DPS not to mess up.What is tanking really? Taunt swap every once in awhile, stand still a lot of fights, get hit for 10 minutes, move a boss sometimes. As long as you're decently geared you are deemed irreplaceable too and that no one can criticize you. DPS and Healer mechanics can be way more unforgiving and hard than just "at 3 stacks taunt, then when you're at 3 I'll taunt back"I find the raids always get easier when DPS get geared as well. I'm not going "Wow, this tank might be the best in the entire game" I go "Wow, these DPS are really putting in work damage wise and avoiding bad stuff in the fights."