Blizzard, as difficult/impossible the artifact challenge is for me right now DONT nerf it.

I hear people on general, trade chat saying that they want it nerfed because they die in the first 10 seconds. When I ask ilvl it's usually around 870.So I say this, don't let the people who can't do it and whine change this game. I'm loving how there is a challenge I can't quite reach and you know what? It's making me want to gear up. I'm 891 and I'm going to start heroic nighthold for more gear. This is what the players who complain should do. Never nerf a challenge unless there is a bug that is stopping people from doing any of it of course.Edit:spelling/formattingerrorsEdit:GoodLordReddit,it'shardtorespondtoallofthesereplies.Please.