Blizzard has been killing the Legion death knight storyline

I just finished the order hall champion quest line from 7.2. Story wise, I have to give props to Blizzard; they have absolutely crushed it this entire expansion with the DK lore. The quest line has us ultimately head to stormheim, where we raise the corpses of native dragons. We call down an ancient broodmother, murder her, and then raise her into undeath. We then proceed to use her and her brood to rain hell down upon invading legion forces while the four horsemen wreak havoc on the ground.What made it interesting is how utterly remorseless you and your followers go about it. We (as we have all expansion) simply murder, maim, and enslave... all supposedly in the name of saving the world. I for one was fairly uncomfortable through the quest line. Obviously unstated is whether the ends are justifying the means. What we're doing as a class is pretty much objectively assholish at best and downright evil at worst. It adds a moral complexity to the usual narrative where we are the unquestioned good. Even in WotLK, once you broke free, the knights of the ebon blade were pretty vanilla. Whoever is penning the story nowadays seems to have a very clear focus on how the class is presented, and I love it.