Can our bodyguards get more XP per WQ done? It takes 2000 WQs to go from rare to legendary @ 150XP/WQ.

With the new follower in 7.2 that starts at white colour it dawned on me how long it'll take to unlock the equipment slots. She gets 150XP per WQ done. She needs 100,000XP to go from rare to epic and another 200,000XP to go from epic to legendary.300,000/150 = 2000 WQs done to go from rare to legendary.Let's say that each WQ takes 3 minutes to compensate for the fast and the slow WQs, waiting for spawns etc. That's 6000 minutes.6000/60 = 100 hours doing nothing but WQs. Not 100hrs /played or real time. But 100hrs completing WQs. This does not account for travel time between WQs etc. That sounds waaaay too much for me considering our followers we send on missions gets 3000XP per follower on the mission as baseline.