Death Knights: We're the Assholes (Maybe Spoilerish?)

So to all my fellow knights of the Ebon Blade, we're assholes. Our order campaign is us fucking over literally everyone else and descrating graves as well as killing a lot of good guys. I mean the campaign ending is literally us mounting an attack on the Paladins to raise one if their great leaders as a servant of Darkness. Then in getting the new follower. We desecrate a place sacred to the storm dragons and kill a momma dragon only to raise them all to serve the Ebon Blade. Seriously were doing some fucked up shit. I love it :)Edit: holy shit guys y'all went nuts while I slept. Glad to see the love for the true edge Lord's of WoW.Edit 2: So I'm seeing a lot of stuff about the Death Knights being evil and that simply is not the case. The Death Knights are seen as evil because it's obvious they aren't bound by the same moral code as the rest of Azeroth. "We do what they living can not" because they do not have the stomach for it. Sure Bolvar is telling us where to go but who the hell wouldn't listen to advice from the guy on the Frozen Throne and wearing the Helm of Domination? I don't like the idea of serving under him but it's obvious Bolvar is just telling us where powerful dead are. Now at some points he goes full Lich King but I assume and hope that is addressed in later expansion or patches