Discipline Priest is getting drastic changes in 7.2.5, please help people test on PTR to give Blizzard Feedback!

http://ift.tt/2pD9za1, and a lot of other Discipline priests, are greatly concerned about the up-coming changes, and to avoid a "the sky is falling" mentality I will not say I believe it will kill the spec, however I do not believe they are helping us when that is their intention.We are the rarest healer spec in the game and as such we have difficulty having a large enough playerbase to have as strong a voice as say a Holy / Shadow priest, or other specs.I am making this thread for two reasons, first I want to bring this attention to fellow disc priests so they can know about it and provide feedback on how they think the changes may help / hinder us, and secondly I know people want to test the new changes but we simply don't have enough man power to do raids on the PTR.If anyone is willing to help with the PTR raids please post below. Thank you for reading.