Do not upgrade any of your followers to 900 ilvl until you have all the upgrade tokens you want/need.

Title.I resubbed a day or two after 7.2 dropped. All my followers were fully maxed before (ilvl 850, full equipment, etc). Log in, tons of missions to do - Legionfall supplies, follower tokens, gold missions, AP, raid missions... at any given time for the first 4-5 days, I had a minimum of 8-9 missions up, usually more like 10-12. So many missions there was no way to keep up, but that's ok.I did all the missions I could and started upgrading my followers. Got a few to 880, 890. I noticed over the next day or two I had fewer missions pop up, and fewer follower upgrade tokens, but I still had enough that I had plenty to do.Fast forward another few days. The follower upgrade tokens have completely stopped. Legionfall supply missions are extremely rare. All I have now are AP missions, and it's been this way for almost 2 full days now (on both characters). I have 2 followers at ilvl 900, 1 at 870-880, and 2 at 850. I'm nowhere near capped out and I have not seen a follower upgrade mission in almost 2 days (across both characters), and I've seen maybe one total Legionfall supply mission. Everything else is AP or a green follower item+box, AND it requires 885-900 ilvl, when only 2-3 of my followers are that ilvl.I haven't tested it, but I'm pretty sure you are better off not upgrading any of your followers at all until you have all the tokens to upgrade all 5 from 850 to 900, considering I'm seeing the same trend on both my 110s and at the start, I had way more missions than I knew what to do with. I have to say, this is extremely frustrating because most missions I get now I can't even do.