Isn`t a game in general meant to be played during your "free" time !?

Since I remember games are meant as something to spend you free time with.I schedule my day around work / girlfriend / friends / family and some other "important" stuff, like visit dentist and so on.The rest of the time, is my "free" time and I like to play some games during this time.During classic / bc and wotlk I was a student and I scheduled my day around school / university, friends and WoW Raids and stuff. I had enough time to schedule my day around a game.Then I got a girlfriend and job, and then a child. So I couldnt schedule my day around WoW anymore, which was okay.I stopped playing during cataclysm.With legion I started again, because I realized the game got "casual friendly". With LFR, mythics + and world quests there was finally some enjoyable content for casual solo players who are not able to schedule their life around a game.And now Blizzards brings the legion assaults (a really important content for 7.2 because of nethershards / flying and in genereal "interesting stuff to do") which only last 6 hours a day !?Then there is the system with the buildings only being up three days before they need to be rebuild for a few days.So there is more and more content locked to specific times, making it necessary to schedule my day around the game, what was the reason I stopped playing during cata.If this is the direction the game is going (again), I sadly have to stop playing again :/I only play 2-3 days a week and then mostly late evening from 21 to 0/1 o clock, but I have fun and I like the progress I make as casual (ilvl 885 is pretty cool seen the small time I play).Please Blizzard, let me decide when I want to play content XY and dont limit it to specific times -.-EDIT:To make something clear, I dont want flying as fast as hardcore players get it or whatever. And I am fine that you hardcore guys will always have a higher item level than me and I am fine with you having 10 legendaries, while I am sitting here with 2, thats cool.But as a poster here said, legion had one selling point "Play what you want, when you want". Thats the point. I want to decide "when" to play. I will still need alot of weeks or months to get enough reputation and to even finish pathfinder one. But I want to decide by myself when I play.