"Lesser Known" Addons You Can't Live Without - 7.2 Edition

Hello guys,There have been a lot of great threads in the past of people sharing "lesser known" addons that they love, that others may not know about. Since I haven't seen one about addons updated to still function fine in 7.2, I thought it's about time for another one.Besides, some people may not have seen the other threads and could find some great addons for the first time!I'll start with my list:AutoLootPlus - Speeds up the default AutoLoot featureEasyDeleteConfirm - Gives you an "Are you sure - Yes/No" option instead of having to type "Delete" on itemsDejaCharacterStats - Provides improved character stats panel (shows some hidden by default UI such as movement speed) - this one is actually quite commonly known, but just in case, i'll add it as it's been invaluable to me.Thanks to all who contribute, and I hope you find something you like!