Mage Tower challenge for tanks is..not really a tank challange?

I can't be the only one who thinks that the challenge scenario for tanks is essentially a glorified DPS challenge.To quote a user posting in a different thread: The tank challenge is so stupid. While the other challenges may be underturned/overtuned or bugged the challenge is still there. For the healer challenge you are healing a group which requires burst and sustain healing. For the DPS ones you need to kite, interrupt and do burst or sustain damage. All things those roles may be expected to do in raids.The tank one has you run around like a headless chicken trying to hop into melee range every now and again to hit the boss because you are not allowed in melee range. If you played in a raid like you are supposed to play in the tank challenge you wouldn't be raiding. I would say being in melee range is a key factor in most bosses. Positioning bosses to minimise movement is also key as more movement equals less DPS.The entire challenge would be much better if Velen was supposed to be the one killing the inquisitor. It seems he's supposed to but he's bugged? On one attempt Velen decided to do 200k DPS but only targeted one infernal. He fucked that infernal up but still. I'm watching a friend attempt the challenge too and on some pulls Velen decides to fucking melee attack stuff. One on pull he melee attacked an eye, which is immune to physical damage. On half the pulls Velen decides to not spawn orbs or takes an age in spawning them.It's so simple to fix. Have Velen do like 300k dps to the inquisitor. If you want to, you can and probably should jump into melee range to hit the boss to make him go down faster. While Velen is killing the inquisitor your main job is to keep control of the adds that spawn. Once the inquisitor is dead Kruul spawns which would work the same as it does now, as a DPS check.This "tank" challenge puts into the spotlight what people have been saying since beta. That Blizzard have no idea what they want tanks to be./u/Nickizgr8