Mage Tower Double AP Secret

Mage Tower AP Token SecretSo a friend and I tested this theory I had when the Mage Tower came back up. The "Power Overwhelming" buff that it provides is limited to certain world quests. We completed roughly 10+ world quests and for each time he acquired an AP token, I did too. We tested this both while grouped and solo on the same exact world quests and it does seem that the extra AP token is quest specific.From memory, OUR confirmed tokens (from OUR SPECIFIC testing) were: 1. Enigmatic (Stormheim) 2. Ghostship (Stormheim) 3. Stirring the Swarm (Suramar) 4. DANGER: Achronos (Suramar) 5. A Draught of Hope (Suramar) 6. DANGER: Bristlemaw (Highmountain)Hopefully the community can confirm this theory.edit: title meant to be ap token, not double ap as the mage tower doesn't give double ap chances. edit2: added Bristlemaw Warden WQ. It was the first one we did while out of group.