[Major Spoilers] Theory on 7.3+

Spoiler Warning: If you haven't yet completed the Paladin Order Hall, the Light's Heart initial questline, the new Anduin questline, or the Anduin Comic, don't read on if you don't want spoilers. Also some Old God stuff.Hey everyone! I've been pondering quite a lot about 7.3 and the future of WoW, including whether or not there will be a 7.4, and what the next expansions could be, and strung together some notes I thought I'd share with you all.Recently, a new questline opened up for Alliance (you might have heard..) with a brand spankin' new cinematic. This scene fills in some gaps, and also shows us that Anduin has obtained Shalamayne from the place his father died. This reminded me of the Anduin comic, where he throws down with a Dreadlord while he is in possession of said weapon.Now, here's the spoilery bits. At the very end of the Anduin comic, "many, many years" have passed and Anduin is now an old man, and he is with Velen in the Exodar. They SEEM to be preparing for a final battle with the Legion (edit: others have pointed out that this may be referring to a final battle with the Void, both seem plausible however), but what we do not know is where they are at - but I don't believe they are on Azeroth. Instead, we know that the Exodar is being repaired and that it's final destination is, as Velen says, to return "home" - to Argus.So, let's tie a few things together. Here's what we know so far:7.3 will have us take the fight to ArgusIllidan will join us, as the vessel for Light's Heart and the "prodigal child" of Light/Dark.Turalyon and Alleria are on Argus (important, see below)Anduin ages about 50~ years before the Legion is truly defeatedThe Exodar is returning to Argus as wellWith all of that laid out, here's my theory:I believe that after we defeat Kil'Jaedan the Legion will retreat and we will follow them back to Argus (edit: using Kil'Jaedan's own space ship, apparently - datamined information that we fight him on it), and we (meaning, our army of the Kirin Tor and the Class Orders as well as other troops) will take the fight to them.I don't think Anduin will join us, but rather, stay behind and rule Stormwind - "a Wrynn must always rule in Stormwind."This is where I believe Blizzard will add a massive time-jump of roughly 50 years.Time works different in the Twisting Nether - Aging, Hunger, Sleep, none of that works in the Nether - this would explain why Turalyon/Alleria have been fighting the Legion for 1,000 years.If we are fighting on Argus for what feels like a few thousand years, it may be several decades back on Azeroth, as, once again, Turalyon/Alleria have only been missing for 20 years (our time) but have been fighting for 1,000 years on Argus.If this is the case, this can be a really huge deal for the game and its quite possible Blizzard is planning something big post-Legion. For example, a massive time-jump like this could be a chance to renovate Azeroth once more (reminder, Cataclysm zones have been out longer than Vanilla ones were before the change), as well as offer a "time of peace" for Azeroth and her people - 50 years of no Legion. Then, it may be that the Old Gods resurface after all that time, but that is speculation for another thread.So, TL;DR, here are some key points/theories:In 7.2, we kill Kil'Jaedan (which was last one Turalyon/Alleria told us we need to kill before Sargeras, the other two being Balnazzar and Gul'dan, which are now also dead)In 7.3, we go to Argus and fight the Legion there.Anduin may be left in Stormwind to rule.While we are on Argus, we won't be able to return home lorewise (same as WoD)Time works differently in the Nether.This may be a massive time-jump, Anduin will age 50 years, as well as any others we leave behind.A final battle takes place, with Anduin/Velen in the Exodar - against Sargeras/Legion - either on Argus or on AzerothOthers have speculated that the Anduin comic takes place 10 expansions for now. I don't see that. I see it happening as soon as 7.3/7.4 - a conclusion to this expansion/lead up to the next one.I may have missed a few points and will edit as needed, but for now, just throwing this all out there.What do you all think?