My husband loves WOW, what to do?

Hi everyone. I'm not a gamer but my husband is. I'm having a problem and not sure if I no anyone to ask- so here it is. My husband is hands down a great father, and husband. Around Father's Day we are welcoming our second born into our lives and already have a 2 year old. So things are a bit busy around here. I want to get him a nice gift for Father's Day that deals with his gaming. He games every night after giving our son a bath. He raids on the weekends. I want it to basically say "you deserve this because you help us out so much around the house. Remember to always take down time for YOU!" Gaming is his down time where the kids are sleeping and I'm doing my hobbies or watching tv. His job is draining most days so it's relaxing for him. This is what he already has; I'm going to sound a bit clueless but here we go. 17 inch gaming laptop (I got it for him for his birthday last year.) A mouse with a ton of buttons on the side and it changes colors. It's wireless but can also use a cord. A laptop bag (. To hold all his stuff) And a head set. I'm not to sure on what kind. He has had it for a while. But he never complains about it either.What else am I missing that he could use? I no the mouse is brand new bought maybe 7 months ago. Or even stuff on the game? (If that's even a thing?) I no he adds money on the game for mounts or other items. he also talks about some WOW book that is nice that came out he wants to read that's basically the story of WOW and more into detail of the story line? I believe? So basically anything a gamer would drool over and be extremely happy about would be great. I want him to really enjoy his gift and Father's Day! Thank you!