"Nerf Nether Portals & do it quick, they're farming shards!"

From the Hotfix Notes:Rewards from the enemies summoned by Nether Portal Disruptors have been changed:These enemies should now drop significantly more Legionfall War Supplies and Dauntless tokens, but no longer drop Netherchunks or Tier 1 Sentinax beacons.Developers’ notes: "We want to make sure that Nether Portal Disruptors and the enemies they attract are lucrative and exciting without overshadowing other options so that players feel inclined to focus only on the Nether Disruptor for Broken Shore play. This should now be a solid extra to add to your activities when it’s available, rather than something to wait around for."I simply do not understand where the Devs are at here. They nerfed the Sentinax so hard that no one in my guild will mess with it anymore. I joined a group and spent an hour killing demons. 1038 nether shards, 1 rare beacon, a few greens, no boss beacons.Now, they nerf the Nether portals that are only up as part of the stupid building we have to farm to build. It costs nethershards to open them, god forbid we get a RARE drop that refunds part of that back to us or beacons to use at the useless farm site.I know Blizzard isn't listening to me. 95% of the r/wow community won't see this, but damn it, just why? Why would you give us this opportunity then not just take it away, but laugh in our face and make it worthless? How can you be happy with the condition of Broken Shore when most people hate it? Why does buying cache keys feel like the best way to get shards now? Why are you punishing your players for doing what we do? It's an MMO, some of us grind, some of us LIKE to grind. It was a blast to get my friends together, hop in discord and go farm shard for a couple hours. Now, I don't want to touch Broken Shore. I can fly & I genuinely don't care if I get exalted, I'm only there for the AP wqs and the weekly quest for the achievement.GG Bliz, gg