Noob here! I played WoW for the first time yesterday - I love it.

So, I started playing WoW yesterday and I love it. It's my first MMO. I feel like I've missed out on an entire world of gaming (pun intended). The MMO genre has been something that has interested me, but I've never gotten into it because my circle of friends IRL and online have never been the MMO type. So far, I've only played solo because I'm using the trial version, but once I reach level 20 (which will probably be by the end of the day - currently lvl 11) I'm going to dive head first into the world of Azeroth.I decided to make this post because I feel like a lot of individuals in gaming have a bad image of WoW saying that "it's dying" or that people only play it "for nostalgia", but it's a beautiful experience so far and I expect it to only get better.WoW is nothing short of beautiful and magical and even though I'm only a puny lvl 11 mage - I can see what has made this game survive and be such a driving force in it's genre as well as gaming as a whole.So, thank you Blizzard and WoW fans for keeping this game healthy and high quality long enough that someone that decides to adopt it 13 years later still has a magnificent time.Hope to possibly raid soon! See you in Azeroth, my fellow brethrenEdit: Thanks for all the feedback and support.So, unfortunately at the beginning I had no idea you couldn't switch characters around in realms so I started on the starter server Dalaran NA - which is fine. I think I'm gonna stay here.So far I have:a lvl 17 Night Elf Ally Magea brand new Blood Elf Horde Warrior - this will be my new ally Warrior on Proudmoore - new main