Raidbots: Even more power and some fancier tools (SimulationCraft made easy)

Hello again!If you haven't seen it before, is a site I've been building for several months to make SimulationCraft as easy and as quick to use as possible. You can generate stat weights, compare gear/relics/talents, or run any arbitrary SimC input you want on powerful machines without needing to download anything or fiddle with settings/item ID lookups/etc.Raidbots automatically uses recent SimulationCraft builds so you're always using pretty recent code (with the option to choose from Nightly, Weekly, or the latest Release)Recent UpdatesSimulationCraft is now running on 16-CPU machines which means your sims run faster. Zoom zoom!Report pages have a "Use as Template" button to make it easy to re-run a simulation with different gear or using different SimC optionsGear Compare now has "Saved Gearsets" which means you can set up common combinations and re-use themReport page has gotten a bit of love so it should look nicer and show a bit more info about the character that was simmedCurrent with 7.2 items/data (today's hot fixes are not in SimC yet, those will probably available later tonight/tomorrow)Delicious Progress DonutImproved tooltips in several places (set bonuses, artifact relics, etc)Lots of bug fixes and other small stability improvementsI've kicked up an external blog for news and info about the siteUse as TemplateI want to call this out as it's pretty powerful and useful. Gear Compare, Relic Compare, and Talent Compare all support "Use as Template" so you can build a reusable simulation for yourself or others.Set up all legendaries that you have or are available for your spec - Example: Feral LegendariesSet up all common talent builds that you use - Example - Feral TalentsAnyone can set up a list of trinkets/tier pieces/legendaries that can be re-used by the community. Take it for a spin!FeedbackAs always, let me know if you run into bugs/problems, have ideas on how to make the site better, or let me know what's on your mind!