Sentinax nerfs should honestly be reverted.

I don't know about everyone else, but after the first sling of buffs to Sentinax, it was incredibly fun making a guild group and just blasting away at portals and collecting a ton of shards. We got excited to farm relics and trinkets and it gave us an Arpg feel for a chance at winning the lotto and improving our character or getting really lucky.The first buffs made to sentinax gave you a chance to invest your time into a piece of loot, but now it is not even worth the hassle. Beacons are too rare now and every pug I join nobody has or is willing to spend their beacons. Honestly I thought it was a great alternative to M+.Sentinax was good rng that alot of my guildies like doing in off nights. Now it's as dead as can be.