The complete disappointment that is the Artifact Challenge.

BEFORE YOU POST! THIS IS NOT A COMPLAINT ABOUT THE DIFFICULTY, BUT HOW IT WAS FALSELY ADVERTISED AS A "MASTERY OF THE SPEC" CHALLENGE.One of the things I've sen advertised about the Artifact Challenge is that it was supposed to be a "mastery of the specialization you're currently using". I've found out that this is as far away from the truth as possible, for the simple reason that they went the lazy route and gave the same fight for different classes.As you probably know, not all classes are the same. They're all balanced differently. You can NEVER have a true balanced challenge for everyone like this.People keep making comparisions with the Green Fire fight, but as someone who did complete Green Fire the first week it was active, this is nothing like it.What Green Fire has challenged me to do: * Control threat and dominate the abilities of a demon you don't usually have; * Learn how to use each kind of CC my class had at the time adequatly, lest you risk not having it up at a crucial moment (and potentially losing the demon you enslaved); * Maintain high DPS while doing all that.As an Affliction Warlock, there are two ways of going about our challenge, which is basically either:Massively outgear the fight so things die/phases change before they can hit you, or;Having a very specific legendary piece (that was considered the worst legendary for the spec for all purposes before this one incident) to cheese the fight mechanics.The other classes that have the same quest have better ways of dealing with the kiting mechanics. Mages have tons of CCs and slows, same as MM Hunters. Boomkins are kings of kiting. Shadow Priests have it harder but they can cheese Surrender to Madness to be able to cast while moving.There are other instances of how imbalanced the quests are depending on which class are you. See Frost DK vs. Havoc DH or Guardian Druid vs. Blood DK.The Destruction quest itself, it's a LOT easier for that spec than for others, for the simple fact that you can cleave 100% of the time with no consequences besides using an extra GCD every 20 seconds.At least right now, this feels more of a class check than a skill or even a gear check per se.I'm fine with it being difficult, and I'm fine with probably having to wait till ToS for my class to have a fair chance at the fight, since I'm not chasing a legendary that is worthless for everything else besides this challenge I'm not a Mythic raider, ain't nobody got time for that anymore.Although I would really like to be challenged skill wise, even though I don't raid Mythic anymore.This is coming from someone that has done things like Brawler's Guild pre Nighthold gear and other solo challenges without the need to outgear it.What I'm not fine with is this false propaganda of this quest being a "mastery" quest. You're not skillfully timing banishes. You're not enslaving demons and proving your worth. You're basically doing the same fight that other classes with other tools (that may be better or worse than the ones you have).And it's impossible to balance all that.Blizzard should've gone ahead and at least made a different fight per class, if not a different fight per specialization.Only then you can truly claim you're a master of the spec.I've decided to post this on Reddit instead of the official forums because I think you guys are better for discussions than the trolls over there.Good day! <3