The Zoology of Demon Hunters

(Disclaimer: I main a DH, English isn't my first language, read this with the voice of John Cleese)This article was written to shed a light on the colourful diversity among the species Daemonium Venandi, commonly known as the Demon Hunter.Daemonium Venandi HuntardusThe most common variation in the gene pool can be encountered all over Azeroth. It usually populates the open world or the LFR running or flying around in one place without any purpose, just like pigeons. This species is recognisable through its common title ‘Illidari’ or ‘Slayer’, followed by any abbreviation of the name Illidan.Though being the most common sub species, it never really developed any kind of niche so most beings just get to the iLvl of 855 and then die.Daemonium Venandi CookiecutterusThe more developed kind of the Demon Hunter. Mostly remaining silent at day, it usually comes out every two minutes when its CD on Chaos Blades and Nemesis is ready which also results in an outcry of mating calls (usually via Recount reports in the chat).The Cookiecutterus is very territorial, which means he doesn’t accept any other spec than his own to be around in a raid, forum or Dischord. Especially one competitor, which leads us to …Daemonium Venandi EyebeamusThe direct competitor in the habitat of the Cookiecutterus. It is a more specialised endemic version, usually roaming the lower valley of LFD and the high mountains of M+ burning everything in sight to ashes.It is mostly peaceful in its own niche but tends to get into fights with the Cookiecutterus when trapped in the same forum. It’s not advised to hold both sub species in one raid.Daemonium Venandi Momentum (Extinct)An early predecessor of the actual species that went extinct at the end of C├Žnozoic of 7.1. Fossils suggest this variant was using Fel Rush und Retreat to wreak havoc on its prey.There are some living fossils in form of alts or players unwilling to read guides. But these are very rare.Daemonium Venandi VengeanciA rare breed amongst the Demon Hunters, shy beings which are only observed in instanced regions like dungeons and raids. Whilst growing up they face an extremely hostile environment of sneering players, so just a few of them survive and mature in raids and higher M+.Sometimes, an experienced observer can hear them howling at night, when most of them are declined entering pugs.