What would racial campaigns look like?

I personally really hope that Blizzard decides to do with races what they did this expansion with class storylines. So I wanted to present my (pretty unoriginal) idea of why that would be a good idea, and what it would look like.For one, racial storylines are what Warcraft started with. Each race has always had a unique starting position, except for the orcs/trolls and dwarves/gnomes who got their own in Cataclysm. Each race had its own theme and ongoing story. Many of these stories began over twelve years ago and are still unresolved, with significant movement only on a lucky few.The amount of effort involved with having unique race campaigns in the next expansion would not be substantially higher than the effort that's gone into the class campaigns in Legion. 12 vs 13, and the racial storylines don't require the attention to spec differences that the class ones demand.So here's my list of the unresolved racial plot points that could be explored for each race, regardless of the expansion's main threat. Resolving these would also do a TON to move Warcraft's story along and help it feel like an actual living changing world.Horde• OrcsThe orcs have gotten a lot of love in Warcraft, but Warlords and Legion have left them in a confused state. They have no clear leader, and their military might has likely been devastated. Are the clans still united? What does being an orc mean post-Thrall & Garrosh?Possible campaign focus: In order to confront the threat of the next expansion, you as an Orcish champion must help bring scattered clans and Hellscream loyalists back into the fold, find and support a new Orcish Warchief, and help restore the Horde's confidence in their old orc allies.• TrollsEven more than the orcs, the trolls no longer have a big-name leader. While their island is intact, their relationship with the rest of the Horde, with the other troll tribes of Azeroth, and with their own history and gods is still in question.Possible scenario: The player troll champion must win the favor of the loa, help elevate a new troll chieftain, explore ancient troll ruins to recover artifacts and forgotten lore, and perhaps even reunite the scattered troll peoples, bring them into the horde, and help create a united front against the great enemy of the next expansion.• TaurenBaine Bloodhoof is in charge, but the tauren haven't gotten much lore love in a while. They don't appear to be facing any current crisis, but many details of their history and their current relationship with the Horde are still in doubt.Possible scenario: The tauren champion visits each of the tauren's off-shoot races, recruiting them into a greater Assembly of Tribes. The Champion must also go on a series of vision quests, exploring ancient tauren myths within the spirit realm, and gaining the power of the ancestors. This could culminate in driving the enemy of the next expansion out of Mulgore, rescuing and expanding a besieged Thunder Bluff, adding new areas for each of the tauren subraces. Newly united, and knowing more of their history and gods than ever before, the United Tauren Tribes recommit to the Horde for the final showdown of the expansion.• Blood ElvesThey've gotten some attention, but we still have no idea where their story is headed. They're stuck in an alliance of convenience, but are still stretched thin trying to deal with scourge remnants and restore their home. Their relationship to the sunwell, and with the Forsaken still needs to be more deeply explored.Possible scenario: The sin'dorei champion must return to Silvermoon as Quel'Thalas is threated either by the expansion enemy, or by Scourge remnants commanded by a mad lich/dreadlord/etc. Rallying to the side of Lor'themar, the player champion must at last restore the martial and magical might of Quel'Thelas, marshaling blood golems, blood knights, (blood?) farstriders, and the power of the sunwell itself to save the city. Then, with the help of the Nightfallen perhaps, the sin'dorei champion must restore the wretched, cleanse the remaining scourge taint from quel'thelas, and prepare their people for the final battle against the expansion's enemy.• ForsakenLeaders of the Horde, but perhaps in name only. The Forsaken must wrestle with their own identity in the world, decide what to do with the plague and their necromantic powers, and secure their large domain against those who would see them destroyed. There's a ton of options here, and it's really up to Blizzard's imagination how they want to see this go.Possible scenario: The Forsaken champion might be employed to help raise a number of new allies from the dead, secure the borders of their realm, raise a dead fleet from the bottom of the sea, deal with Scourge remnants, or even go to the aid of each of the other Horde races to win their loyalty. Along the way they would have to face constant attacks and harassment from the worgen and remaining Gilneans, continuing the core of the new PvP feud.• GoblinsWhy is Trade Prince Gallywix still their leader? How is the Bilgewater Cartel faring with him at their head? Most importantly, what emerging markets can the goblins expand into and exploit?Possible scenario: The goblin champion is hired by Gallywix. That whole slave ship thing was a terrible understanding, and who holds a grudge when there's money to be made? Not you! Cartel income took a hit when Garrosh lost power, and the other goblin cartels are making their move for a hostile takeover. Oh look, they've sent assassins to the pleasure palace, and you're in the way, watch out! Whew. Right, so here's the deal. You gotta get some dirt on Gazlowe and the rest of those greedy neutrals. Make some bribes, do some blackmail, steal some trade secrets, and finish off that Venture company that's always edging in on our turf. Take care of this nasty business and we can get an explosive new army ready to take on the expansion's great enemy! Sounds great right? Sure does. Maybe we'll even find out if there are any goblins left on Kezan, and fire that big gun in Bilgewater Harbor at something. Anything!! More explosions!Alliance• HumansHumans have also gotten a lot of love, and like the orcs they are at a bit of a loss currently. Their people too has borne the brunt of recent conflict. King Anduin is young and untested. Several of the human kingdoms have been either totally destroyed, or not heard from in years.Possible scenario: The human champion must help Anduin rebuild Stormwind's military, restore its flagging spirit, and honor its old alliances. The Champion must discover what has become of Kul Tiras, and help Danath Trollbane reclaim and rebuild the once great human capitol of Stromgarde. Along the way the Champion must find and rescue old heroes, provide help to old human areas like Darkshire, and Redridge, and help reunite all of humanity under King Anduin. With the fate of Kul'Tiras uncovered, and the proud nation of Stromgarde restored, humanity can once again lead the charge against the great evil of the expansion.• DwarvesThe dwarves are in an interesting place. While supposedly united in the Council of Three Hammers, Aerie Peak and Shadowforge city certainly don't yet feel like they're part of the same nation. Restoring areas damaged by the Cataclysm, and bringing Aerie Peak and Shadowforge more firmly into the fold would be core to a dwarven campaign.Possible scenario: The dwarven champion must save Moira in Shadowforge as Old God cultists swarm the city. At the head of force of dwarven honor guard, the player champion slowly retakes the city and frees captured dark irons before breaking into the Throne Room to join Moira in defeating a faceless one. At last Shadowforge city is freed and an uninstanced version becomes accessible to all players who want to hang out there. Next, with the Bronzebeards and Dark Irons united, the player champion must clear the roads from Khaz Modan to the Hinterlands, and fortify Aerie Peak against a Forsaken, troll, or other enemy attack. Finally, with a united and rebuilt Khaz Modan, the dwarves can turn their attention to the great enemy of the expansion.• GnomesIt's been 12 years. We all know what has to happen here. This might be the most work for the art-department and other developers, but Gnomeregan needs to be restored. Other dungeons have been removed from the game, or turned into raids. It is time.Possible scenario: The gnome champion returns to Gnomeregan. King Mekatorque has been rebuilding the fallen city, but the troggs who caused its fall remain. A new weapon must be developed, a mechanized army built, and a series of dangerous expeditions into the lost laboratories and vaults beneath the city mounted before at last Gnomeregan can be retaken. A campaign of humor, excitement, malfunctions, tragedies and heroic triumphs await. And really awesome music. We'll all level gnomes to see the oldest unresolved storyline in WoW finally done justice.• WorgenGilneas has languished since its introduction. Half of the worgen's storyline is gated behind leveling a Forsaken, and even then the current state of the bleak nation is left in limbo. This is the driver of the Horde and Alliance faction conflict, and the peninsula needs to go from an empty wasteland to an active war zone.Possible scenario: Vengeance for Gilneas! The worgen champion lands on the Gilnean coast alongside Greymane and begins an epic campaign to recapture their lost land from the Forsaken. The champion must go behind enemy lines to sabatoge plague supplies, travel the world to find cleansing artifacts and new powerful allies, recruit rampaging armies of feral worgen, and generally act as an inglorious bastard as they engage in a full throated war for their ravaged homeland. At its conclusion, much of Gilneas has been reclaimed, a defensible line against the Forsaken established, and finally worgen shock-troops, flush with victory, can be spared to battle the expansion's great evil.• Night ElvesTheir sacred groves ravaged in Cataclysm, and with their leaders attention often drawn to distant lands, much of the night elves' lands have fallen into turmoil. This is a perfect opportunity for regrowth, and a needed follow-up to many of Cataclysm's storylines.Possible scenario: The player champion is called to Feathermoon Stronghold by the only night elf we're not sick of, Shandris. There the Sentinel-General is leading a desperate effort to save the forgotten outposts, mythical creatures, and shadowy forests that are being despoiled. Naga invasions, saytr rituals, rampaging fire elementals, venture capitalists and more are all acting in a dark plot to drive the scattered night elves apart. Only the champion can call forth the mountain giants, chimera, and ancients themselves in a frantic effort to put out a hundred fires and safeguard the wild. Perhaps Tyrande and Malfurion even take a break from couples counseling to help save Ashenvale from a corrupted ancient and his army of twisted treants. With Feralas, Ashenvale, and Darkshore freed from chaos, the ancients awoken and united behind Shandris, and the desecrated forests being regrown, the night elves can turn their ancient might and feral nature against the expansion's great enemy.• DreaneiThis will depend a lot on what happens in the rest of Legion. Possible story threads include healing Outlands, rescuing naaru, gathering champions for the Army of the Light, repairing the Exodar, building a new permanent settlement on Azeroth (please).Possible scenario: The dreanei champion returns to the triumverate. The dreanei people are weary, and have suffered much. War has taken a tole. You are given the task of recruiting allies, gathering lost holy relics, and even rescuing a naaru from a distant world. With these things done, and the Exodar already restored, you help the dreanei build a new permanent home on Azeroth. The night elves gift you a portion of Felwood, and there a new crystal city is built. A refuge for the lost, a shining Light, a new beginning. As the city takes shape, a demonic host emerges from the dark trees, as you must lead a heroic battle, aided by the holy relics you recovered from Outlands. When the dust settles, the dreanei stand resolute, their new home defended, and their mark forever made on Azeroth. (This would not be a new capitol city necessarily, but would be a large settlement with Warlords style architecture, and would serve as a sort of racial hall.)Neutral• PandarenThis is a chance to revisit Pandaria and see how it's done post Mists and Legion. We know the Pandaren once had an empire and an Emperor. Perhaps it is time for a new one that can protect all the peoples of Pandaria, guard against the mantid, and stand against the expansion's great evil.Possible scenario: While the Pandaren champion has pledged service to the Horde/Alliance, Pandaria suffers. Its scattered people have endured horrible war, and Legion attacks since their discovery. Even now old god corruption, Legion armies, and mantid swarms terrorize the landscape. Taran Zhu and the remaining Shado'pan are in desperate need. The champion goes to the pandaren villages, uniting them under a single banner. The champion must then also win the support of the hozen and jin'yu, rescue the four Ancients and their temples, and even strike a truce with the new Mantid Empress. With Pandaria united, the Legion's rampaging demons are confronted and defeated. At piece, and united under a single ruler once more, a force of elite Pandaren can at last be spared to confront the expansion's great enemy.Each race would also have a racial stronghold, like Legion's class halls. Some could be the old capital cities, but I prefer the idea of using new areas for each race.Hordeside:Orcs could get a new fortress in the barrens, a camp where all the clans you recruit are represented. Trolls a restored temple city. Tauren could get a new rise on a revamped and redesigned Thunder Bluff, perhaps even one constructed out of a massive totem. Goblins could get an island trading post off the coast. Forsaken could finally get a port of their own, perhaps even Kul'Tiras since they love murdering humans. Alternatively, the upper Capitol City could be expanded and made more interesting. Blood elves would get a new stronghold in the Ghostlands, or a restored western half of Silvermoon.Allianceside:Humans would get a restored Stromgarde, garrisoned by many of their greatest heroes. Dwarves have lots of options, but one of the coolest would probably be a restored and expanded Thandol Span, a great triumph of engineering, a crossroads, and a symbol of Khaz Modan's new unity. A bridge connecting the Bronzebeard and Wildhammer lands, once sabotaged by the dark irons, and now restored with their help. The gnomes would obviously get Gnomeregan. Finally. The night elves could put Feathermoon Stronghold to better use, with a fresh dreamway portal and more amenities. It already exists, its awesome, and is underutilized. Worgen would either get Gilneas City itself, or they could even capture and rebuild Shadowfang Keep, using it as a stronghold on their border and bulwark against the Forsaken.Pandaren could get their turtle, but parked somewhere more interesting and with fresh construction and other Pandaria races onboard, with a jin'yu quarter, a friendly hozen camp, and even a mantid embassy. A floating war camp and imperial court. There are also plenty of great options elsewhere, including the Temple of the White Tiger, Temple of the Jade Serpent, the Shadow Pan Monastery or even a new united capitol built in a cleansed Vale of Eternal Blossoms.TLDR: Every player race in WoW has spent years in decline. They have so little that meaningful story losses are now impossible. Every expansion blows up more towns, and leaves the races with less. We need racial campaigns that see each player race make gains, grow, occupy new areas, and build new things, all with our help. Then when those things are threatened we will really care.