After about 10k World Quests I have finally reached 1m Order Resources on a single character've been pretty much clearing the map of all WQs since the start of Legion, stopped doing them for about a month after getting the 10k World Quest achievement and just did them for the emissary chests and started again after 7.2 because of the Paragon reputations, Artifact Power and I realized it's a pretty good gold income for me.I have around 1.7m Order Resources across my account at this point, even though I have almost no use for it I think it's pretty fun to keep collecting it just for the sake of getting a bigger number.I buy Bonus Rolls each week for Order Resources, create troops and send missions every day and have Champion Armament work orders constantly.I have done the Val'sharah "Aw, Nuts!" World Quest 56 times.