Update on Orc Command Racial

Hey everyone,Last Murloc Monday I asked whether or not an orc's "command" racial, which gives 1% increased damage to pets, only applied to the main permeant pet, or whether it also applied to things like dire beast, shaman elementals, etc.The question got around 12 or so upvotes but no answers, so in the meantime I figured out a way to test it using the "Class Trial" feature during character creation. This way, characters are literally exactly the same aside from racials, so it'd yield the most accurate numbers without other influences.What I've concluded is that command does affect other summons aside from just the main pet.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~First I made two hunters, a Tauren and an Orc. The numbers from the combat log were (they really never varied more than ~1 damage point over many hits):Orc Dire Beast: 2631 (normal), 5262 (critical).Tauren Dire Beast: 2606 (normal), 5215 (critical).The difference amounts to about 0.95% more damage in favor of the Orc's dire beasts, and that is the exact same for critical strikes. Which is interesting, because it seems that the tauren 'brawn" racial (2% more damage/healing on crits) does not extend to pets or summons, only direct damage done by the tauren.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~So after finding this out, I made two elemental shaman to test Fire Elemental. The results were:Orc Fire Elemental: 12012, 12013 (normal), 24025 (critical)Tauren Fire Elemental: 11890, 11891 (normal), 23781 (critical)The differences, again for both normal and critical hits of the fire elemental, was almost exactly 1% on the dot more damage for orcs.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Due to the class trial hourly constraints, I wasn't able to test spirit wolves or warlock summons yet. But given these findings with dire beast and fire elemental, I'd expect it to apply to them as well.This was just something that I had been wondering for a while and couldn't find a direct answer to, but now it seems I have the answer, orc pets and summons do more damage than non-orcs. I know this is a marginal finding, but I know some people are interested in that stuff and I was curious as to why Orc BM hunters did a fair deal more damage than the other races especially when compared to SV/MM where they are all much closer together.Anyways, those were my findings, I'm planning to test the other stuff and will update this post again if anything differs!tl;dr: Tested dire beast and fire elemental damage for orc and tauren, Orc does ~1% more damage with both abilities.