Announcing WoWAnalyzer - a comprehensive log analysis tool

WoWAnalyzer ( is a comprehensive log analysis tool which takes a log from Warcraftlogs and does a static analysis of your gameplay based on various key metrics and gives suggestions on how to improve. Some features include (but not limited to) are:SuggestionsCast efficiencyItem (legendary) performanceMana graph breakdownCooldown usage detailsWoWAnalyzer was a project started initially as a "Holy Paladin Analyzer" by Zerotorescue whom is also the original Author and owner of this project, the project was forked to other similar tools such as the "Resto Druid Analyzer". This has led to a merge in the projects and a reconstruction of the core to a general multi-purpose analysis tool.The project right now is an ongoing development project and new features are added every day. It is open source and anyone is free to create pull-requests to contribute missing features/modules. For now it is centered around healing specs, as many of the features are common for the various spec and can be reused. Although creating a module for a dps/tank class is is fully possible.Right now WoWAnalyzer supports:Holy paladin (by Zerotorescue) (preview example log: priests (by Zerotorescue) (preview example log: druids (by blazyb) (preview example log: monks (by anom0ly) (preview example log: shamans (by Versaya) (preview example log: