I started making a voice controller for World of Warcraft! Mage is currently done. Download and information inside

So currently only mage is done (although you can see the other classes they don't do anything).So how does WoW Voice work? Well you assign hotkeys through the menu (click on the buttons, type a key that your hotbar in game has that ability on and it will send a keypress to game with what you set). Then just say the ability name exactly and it will cast. It also has generic hotkeys and words such as"auto run""mount""eat""target"I was originally just going to make this for myself so I can lay down in bed put my character on auto run and just scream fire blast a lot to kill everything but ... Anyway.Please don't say an ability name unless you assigned the hotkey or it will crash.Here's the download for an alpha build that only includes the mage. Just download the file, extract the executable, launch WoW, and use it.https://ufile.io/1hura THIS BUILD IS WRONG I FUCKED UP THE GRAMMAR AND DIDN'T TEST BEFORE RELEASE SO ONLY FROST WORKS GET THIS NEW ONE HEREhttps://ufile.io/9bka5 THIS BUILD IS WRONG! I LEFT IN SOME DEBUG CODE THAT MADE YOU PRESS SHIFT+2 EVERY TIME YOU SAID AN ABILITY USE THIS PLS GET THE NEW ONE HEREhttps://ufile.io/0eh7pEDIT: tab targeting is uh...currently kind of fucked give me a minuteEDIT: DON'T ASSIGN A HOTKEY TWICE IF YOU THINK YOU FUCKED UP ASSIGNING THE HOTKEY RELAUNCH THE PROGRAM OR IT SHALL CRASH AND I SHALL LAUGH UNTIL I PUT IN SOME TRY CATCHESEDIT: MAKE SURE YOU OPEN UP GENERIC HOTKEYS AND ONE (ONE) OF THE SPECS BEFORE YOU PRESS START IF YOU DO NOT AND TRY TO USE"mount""target""eat"IT WILL CRASH ON YOU