Affixes like Bursting/Bolstering serve no gameplay interest other than purposely slowing down a dungeon.

Let's talk about this, I feel this design from a development standpoint was created just to frustrate the player base. With the way that the RNG system is designed in Legion, it rewards efficiency of players that can clear content quickly and repeatedly to reroll chances of titanforging and legendary points.Certain affixes such as Volcanic test your groups ability to be aware of their positioning but also disadvantages caster type classes- this has some gameplay value, whereas Necrotic challenges your Tank's ability to kite and sequence defensives to survive an encounter.Bolstering/Bursting on the other hand has no gameplay value- it's just a mechanic that the more mobs you engage and kill the more punished you are. In fact some dungeons such as Arcway/Lower Kara, there are some mob packs that death is almost unavoidable and make those dungeons completely avoided and shunned during certain weeks.I think blizzard needs to rethink what challenging affixes are that require player interaction other than just punishing players doing what they are supposed to do to clear a dungeon fast.