Blizz, can the invasions stop overriding PvP WQs which last less than 6 hours?

Dear devs, I understand that the idea behind the invasions overriding world quests is that when there is a demon army attacking, there's no time to take care of the squirrels and nuts.But if bareback brawl pops up at 3PM with 4 marks of honor and I go do it, I don't want it overridden by THE BURNING LEGION DARE TO ATTACK THE LAND OF STORMHEIM. Mainly because the 4 quests (bareback brawl, darkbrul arena, black rook rumble and murloc freedom) take 6 hours, so before the invasion ends, they're over and essentially wasted.edit: to further prove my point, pet world quests are completely unaffected for some reason.