DH demon blade changes on the PTR need to reverted now.

The demonblade proc rate that was supposed to fix our RNG is now back to 60%. Our best legendaries are nerfed. Our t20 is nerfed. The original changes were gonna keep our average dps the same without the clunky rng fury gen.If these go live i honestly don't wanna play the class. I dont know how they make these changes sooo close to PTR release. Everytime i have hope for the devs they do something stupid.edit: again this is not about DPS. the damage can be reduced for all I care. This is about the feel of our rotation.The legendaries, tier 20, and DB proc that were all nerfed affected our fury gen and thus the mechanics of our rotation. They were amazingly fun about a week ago on the PTR. The issue with our current live rotation is you have a period where you cant press fast enough or you have other periods were there is nothing to press for an extended period of time. I simply want the rotation to feel fluid.