Finally beat FDK Mage Tower at ilvl 894! Wanted to share a couple of tips that you don't see on the popular guides.

I did it!Took about ~50 tries, the most infuriating one being where I got to the second boss and the EU servers crashed :')Anyhow, the the fellow stragglers, here's a couple of things I found to be an absolute must:WW and AMS are exlusively for clone phase. If you blow any of these at any other time you'll die in that phase. Learn to make do without them. Which brings me to:You don't need any CD's to survive Razor Ice. A lot of guides suggest rotating your defencive CD's to survive those. It's okay in the very start of the fight but I suggest you don't do it there either to condition yourself to deal with it in the future where shit gets more intense. So how to deal with ice you ask:Bank Rime procs. I can't stress this enough. Whenever you feel like he's about to do Razor Ice or clones, keep that rime proc and just oblit him, even if you're starved, just swing away and keep yourself alive. Hitting the ice with Rime takes a huge chunk of its health, same with clones. Once you get a better feel of the timing on his abilities try preparing by popping RW to have frozen soul coming up when you need it.Keep the boss in the center. I know that every guide mentions this but I feel like I need to reiterate this. I never did clone-by-clone strategy, which I found extremely unreliable and annoying. I always ran straight to the boss with AMS+WW, which I honestly think is the proper way of doing it. It is, however, impossible if Xylem ports too far away, which will only happen if you're fighting him on the edge of the arena. Get in the habbit of gripping him to the center after he's done a bunch of casts in whichever phase he is. (I know I'm being vague here but I don't think there's a strict sequence to his casts after the initial phases.)Most importantly, DON'T GIVE UP! I had incredibly stupid deaths where I was otherwise doing well and getting close. I wanted to throw my keyboard bu I kept trying and I got it! You improve on every try, eventually you will get it too!Good luck!