[Healer Rant] If you are low ilvl but trying to get a high level M+ done, don't blame the healer, especially in Sanguine+Grevious week

As a healer, this week's affixes is a bitch already. If you are a weak dps who is trying to challenge a M+ this week, you gotta understand it is hard for a healer to heal 3 - 4 people whose hp are draining like a watertap because of the grevious effect.Especially when you are trying to challenge a high level mythic, but losing like 25% blood each time you get hit. The healer is trying hard to heal you, while the group never stops to let healer cast after a group of trash. Even if the healer can keep up with the heal, at some point, he/she will be OOS, and gotta start making hard decisions like who to save first or even sacrifice him/herself to just to keep some players alive in a boss fight.Yes, like most of the people out there, you probably think you are great, but you might actually not be that great. You can blame it all on the healer easily, but the healer can easily just throw the dungeon and not deal with the bullshit.TL:DR - With Sanguine + Grevious effect, the difficulty of a mythic+ dungeon is probably 2 levels higher than the usual for the healer. If you ain't great yourself, don't start blaming the healer.