I freaking love the mage mount.

Hear me out-It's small, so it doesn't take up a ton of screen space.It's a smooth ride, so no bobbing up and down on on a big flappy bird or dragon or whatever.It's QUIET, so you don't slowly go crazy listening to wing flaps or particle noises or whirlygigs or what-have-you.The trails don't fly into your face/the camera when you're just trying to get somewhere. (I freaking love my Ashes but my FRICK do those trails get annoying.)It doesn't disappear in water like the Pandaria flying cloud disc. Very nice bonus.Custom summon animations aren't new, but I've never had a mount with one so that's a sweet + right there.And finally: Those flame effects are freakin' SWEET. (I play a fire mage, Fire effects are my life.)Overall, 10/10 one of the best mounts I've had over the years. Absolutely fantastic. Only way it coulda been better would be if it was red and gold. Because as a blood elf, I freakin' love that color combo.Anyways that's just my opinion on the matter. Why do you like your mounts?EDIT: Minor text fixes