Monk AMA Prep

Hey everyone, its Babylonius, main community figure/leader/spokesman/whatever you call me for Windwalker Monks (and to a much lesser extent Monks as a whole), Author/Creator of (Formerly WalkingTheWind), Former Mod of MMOChampion, and Admin/Mod of Monk DiscordWith the Class Developer AMA happening tomorrow, I thought it would be a good idea to get the ball rolling on what the community wants to ask about Monks.I will be taking some of these questions and posting them myself with the hope that maybe my questions are more likely to be picked out and seen. Although, everyone is more than welcome to post any questions you have in the AMA thread tomorrow.How this thread should work:Post any questions you have for the Developers in the correct spec section, understanding the recommended behavior rules below. Brewmaster | Mistweaver | WindwalkerIf you see a question you want asked, upvote it. Please don't downvote questions you don't want asked unless it is antagonistic.I will be using the questions asked here as a guideline for what to ask tomorrow and hope that Blizzard sees.There's no guarantee that I will use the top rated, all, or any of the questions posted here, that Blizzard will respond to any of my questions, or that anything will come from this. But if you have been around me, you know I prefer calm, collected, action to ranting and raving.Brewmaster | Mistweaver | WindwalkerCopied from the main AMA thread about behavior:We are very lucky that we enjoy a good relationship with Blizzard and their employees. Like all good relationships we have ups and WoDs downs, but it's important to maintain respect and even politeness even when we're unhappy about things in the game. To put it clearly, if you are antagonistic to any member of the Blizzard team during this AMA, you will be removed from the conversation, and you will receive a ban of at least 30 days, with the possibility of it being permanent. Here are some examples of good and bad questions (as a frustrated person might express them):Good: The state of windwalker monks is really frustrating right now. Do you have any plans for monks in the near future, or is it just reroll time?Bad: Do you guys even know anything about class balance? Monks are broke. Fix them.Permaban: Fuck these devs!Also, please note the topics that Blizzard is here to talk about and talk about those topics.