Showerthought: After spending 10 years of my life in Azeroth, I don't play wow to have fun. I play wow to come home.

Reading through posts where people talk about playing together with their children and spouses made me realize just how much wow has become a part of my life.I started playing back in Vanilla, when I was around Anduin's age. Now we are both adults, and I can't help but feel like we've grown up together.My sibligns have been playing for almost as long as I have, and whenever we meet and talk about our life, in between topics about work and school, there's also the "I was passing through Feralas the other day, and...", like it's a completely natural, integral part of our daily experiences.Sometimes I log in, not to do any quests and achievements, but simply to take a walk through these familiar places and marvel at the sights, reminiscing (or 'membering, if you like) all the fun times I had in there.