The adorable tale about meeting a newbie.

Hello Reddit!As a nice change of pace I will tell you this funny little story about meeting a completely new player.It may not be relevant or anything in light of recent events but I really want to share this with you. Okay so, throwback to little over a week ago.7.2.5 had just dropped, and with all the changes and unbalance there, I decided to have a little break from my main Mage to go and have a little fun with an alt.I decided to roll a paladin, because I have never really played it in any meaningful setting, and I really like the theme of that class.So after buying some heirlooms, bags, enchants and all that good stuff for it, I ran that little bulky human booty trough Elwynn forest in less then a few hours. (y'know, as you do with alts these days..) After hitting ye ole lvl15, I decided to go tank some dungeons.Btw, this was also the way I found out they redid some of those low level ones? Pretty neat.Before hitting that instant queue though, I decided to spruce my characters look up a little. I tossed together a little sharp looking loom set and got that movie event shield and sword into the mix as well.Having just aquired the Timelord title I decided to have that little Chronos illusion on my sword and voila: I looked like a derpy, timetravelling power ranger. So after instantly clicking "enter dungeon" (hah), I zone into the old famous Ragefire Chasm. It had been 3-4 years since I last saw the place.Inside I'm presented with the team consisting of 3 loomed, irrelevant alts probably doing the same thing as I was, and a starter gear clad newbie. What class? Well, a hunter of course, what else. So I toss the good ol avengers shield out, and start on the first pack.Immediatly, our young aspiring new hunter walks up to me. After just sorta standing there for a bit, I presumed that he was probably either typing something or forgot where he bound his attack button.I chuckled at the sight of him, wearing those stylish fel-green starter boots and that matching intense yellow cape, toting around that first grey crossbow you get somewhere. After a little while he proclaimed: "wooooooaaaww" in /s, and starts asking millions of questions about what I was, how I got here, what that yellow thing was I threw, why my sword was all purple, and where to get my shield, he was like a waterfall of words.I decided to not be a dickwad and tell him to find out what google was, as I have not seen an actual newbie in soooo long.So I answered all of his questions and even told him he had a pet ressurection button, which he had obviously forgotten about. I figured I would just let him have his growl on as explaining that to him seemed harder than slamming a revolving door; he would find out some day. Anyway, after running through the place with this guy following me true like a duckling, he decided he would do another dungeon with me.He must have stuck with me for at least 2-3 hours.In this time I told him everything I know about the absolute metric asston of things he was curious to know.I told him about the classes and what they did, about how gigantic the world was, what raids were, how he could actually find more buttons in his spellbook, what talents/specs were and I explained how he didn't actually have to physically aim his character to hit stuff with his new crossbow.I purposefully however, did not tell him about lvl 100 boosts or heirloom gear. No need to ruin someone's game. After my guildies asked me for help with a few keys on discord, I told him I had to leave.He asked if I could help him find his way back into the large city he had been in, because he had literally tried to swim across the sea to Durotar, and kinda got horribly lost in the process.After inviting him I gave him a lift on my Sandstone Drake, which I think literally blew his mind, as he was actually physically cheering in /s as we flew over Westfall towards Stormwind.After adding him to my friendlist I bid farewell to him, as he thanked me a million times for what he said was the best evening of his life. After returning to my Mage parked in Dalaran I genuinly felt a little empty inside, I actually truly miss being a newbie and having so many things to learn and discover.We often forget about how wonderous this game is and how much there is to see, as we lose ourselves in the grind.For this reason, I have decided to ditch all the loom gear on my paladin alt and not read any guides whatsoever on playing it. Maybe it will somehow rekindle that feeling just a tiny bit. And so ends this wonderful tale about a newbie.It was a fun and eye opening experience, and I hope you liked the read! Cheers, Deer