[Theory] What's locked away under the Tomb of Sargeras?

Morgan Day says that the Tomb of Sargeras is a Titan prison.Y'shaarj was extracted at the Well of Eternity's location, but his heart was imprisoned on the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. (see map)So that means the "N'Zoth" marking on the map might be related to either place of defeat or place of imprisonment.The theory is:Given that a big battle happened at the Tomb's location (cthanx evidence)Given that it served to commune with EluneGiven that knaifu can make the spriest suicide to EluneGiven that knaifu calls Elune an upstart goddess in 7.2 (so the battle of cthanx might be related to Elune)Given that it was a place of power that drew the attention of the black empire, then the trolls, then the elves (Temple of Elune), only to serve as the Tomb of Sargeras, and in the end to open up a portal to ArgusWell, having a second lock would also be weird, like a lock on ToS/ToE that opens up a second lock on NZoth's prison... unless it's not an Old God facility, but an actually power facility like Xal'atath says.In that case, he pillars would basically just unlock a locus of power, one that must be kept away from the surface because otherwise it would be an important asset to be gathered by the forces of the Black Army.I thought initially of a "second" Well of Eternity, or something like that.The Temple of Elune having been built there suggests that either the Elves had the ability to tap into said locked locus of power, or that the locus of power could connect them to Elune.Trolls probably thought there was a loa in the location.So that leads me to...The theory:Elune was fighting the Void and then she gets struck down to almost a shell of her former self, making her run away in the universe and hiding in Azeroth until someone can come up and restore her. Or maybe actually hiding in Azeroth because the World Soul can restore her.The semi-dead Elune would be locked by the Pillars of Creation in order to prevent the Old Gods from absorbing her and getting their sweet AP/trait 500.The "Shell of Elune" would be the locus of power that attracted the trolls and later on she had a temple built for her there.Because, well, the Elves would be able to commune with Elune in the temple where the shell was. Because it was actually Elune there, just in shell form.So, by releasing the Shell of Elune we stop the demon invasion with her help, locking or destroying the portal to Argus.The giant facility is probably using Azeroth's blood (Well of Eternity) to keep Elune's prison active.And well, the only way this theory can work is that if she came in a form that would require work and effort to be absorbed, with loads of protection.That's why she was able to make Ysera into a constellation, because they were actually close.TL;DR: Dead Elune is locked away in a Titan facility beneath the Tomb of Sargeras.