We could use a new chill expansion

I was lately thinking about why MoP was loved so much (by players who actually played the game), and I believe one of the big reasons was that it was like a vacation. After WotLK (Expansion full of death, ice and generally heavy/sad themes) and Cata (An actual end of the world), we went to Pandaria - a peaceful land where we helped the locals with their small problems, had our own farm, went fishing with Nat and generally chilled. Then it started getting heavy again with Siege of Orgrimmar which led to WoD, an expansion focused on stopping the Iron Horde from taking over our world. Now we're in Legion, with yet another possible end of the world and all the forces of Azeroth working in unison to prevent it. The next expansion is most likely going to be Old God themed, with N'zoth and possibly Azshara threatening the world yet again.Now I don't know about you, but I'd love to have another vacation without dadgar calling me a champion and telling me to go kill evil demons every 5 seconds. I miss the humorous theme of Pandaria and being an adventurer instead of "the only hero who can stop X".